Common fault analysis and solutions of high-definition network cameras

In the process of our use, there will always be some common faults in the high-definition network camera. After understanding the cause of the fault, the problem can be solved easily. The following editor will introduce the solutions to the common faults of the high-definition network camera for you. refer to.

Reasons and solutions for common faults of high-definition digital cameras:

One ,The infrared high-definition HD coaxial camera is normal during the day, but there is no signal at night

Reason: The power supply is insufficient. Since the infrared light will be turned on at night, the infrared light will consume a certain amount of current. If the power supply quality is not good, it will lead to insufficient power supply, which will cause the HD IP camera to fail to start normally.
Solution: Replace the power supply with a better one

Two, The high-definition IP camera is often disconnected due to uncertainty

Reason 1: The centralized power supply method is adopted. The high-definition network camera has relatively higher requirements on the power adapter than the analog camera, and requires a relatively stable voltage and current. However, the centralized power supply will cause voltage and current instability, which will cause some high-definition network cameras. The IP camera restarts or fails to start.
Solution: Change to a separate power supply mode and use a better power supply
Reason 2: The quality of the network cable is poor, and high-definition video has relatively high requirements on the network transmission rate, so the network packet loss will be very obvious, such as frequent disconnection, and serious cases, no image at all.
Solution: Use national standard pure copper network cable
Reason 3: The network cable distance between the HD IP camera and the switch/or between the switch and the switch/or between the switch and the PC/NVR exceeds 100 meters.
Solution: You can add a switch with relay function at a distance not exceeding 100 meters, or use optical fiber transmission.
Reason 4: There is a conflict between the IP addresses of the high-definition network camera and other network devices in the LAN.
Solution: Modify the IP address of the high-definition network camera or other network equipment to ensure that there is no conflict.
Reason 5: The bandwidth of the network switch is insufficient
Solution: If the number of high-definition network cameras is large, it is recommended to use H3C’s full Gigabit switch. Note: not only the central switch uses Gigabit, that is to say, if the number of cameras involved in the front-end switch exceeds 7, it is also recommended to use Gigabit of.

Three, The infrared high-definition WIFI camera has no night vision, and the picture is completely black at night, so you can’t see anything clearly

Reason 1: The working mode of the IRC of the HD network camera is not “passive mode”. This situation is more common when the camera is restored to the factory default, because after the HD network camera is restored to the default, the working mode of the IRC will become “active mode”.
Solution: We can enter the high-definition network camera and change the working mode of IRC to ‘passive mode’.
Operation method:
Enter the camera’s setting menu→media setting→video capture setting→IRC working mode→’passive mode’→’save’.
Reason 2: The infrared light is broken (Troubleshooting method: You can use a black plastic bag to cover the photosensitive sensor, and see if the infrared light is on)
Solution: Repair or replace the infrared lamp

Four, When connecting a high-definition dome poe camera with a computer, the camera can be searched, but after adding it, it prompts ‘the device is not online

Reason: The device and the PC are in the same LAN but not in the same network segment
Click the “My Computer” icon in the lower right corner → right-click “Open Network Connection”, right-click any connection and select “Properties”, in the pop-up connection properties dialog box, double-click the option “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” , and then select “Advanced”, click the “Add” button in the “IP Address” column, and enter the IP of the same network segment as the HD network camera, not the IP of the camera. Then click “Subnet Mask”, it will be automatically generated, and finally save the settings and exit. We can now access the device normally.

Five, the camera keeps restarting

Reason: There is a problem with the reset function of the camera, the reset line needs to be grounded, and a short circuit will solve the phenomenon that the camera keeps restarting.

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