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How to cheat in online exam when camera is on ?

Before using spy glasses with a camera for the exam, you must first investigate whether metal objects can be brought into the examination room. If all metal objects are not allowed to be brought into the examination room, then basically any cheating camera on the market will be difficult to bring in. Exam cheating cameras are very large. Some of them have built-in metal components. The cheat camera requires network transmission. Then the cheat camera has a built-in wireless network module or a 4G 5G network module. These have built-in metal components, otherwise, network transmission will not be possible. For example, every examination room in developed countries will be equipped with metal detectors. , signal jammer, which eliminates the idea of cheating in exams. Of course, some exams may not pay that much attention and there are opportunities for cheating. Therefore, investigate clearly.

Of course, exams in most countries around the world are still not that strict. After all, each examination room needs financial support to equip metal detectors and signal jammers. Therefore, in many national exams, there is a high chance of cheating.

Most of the exams are paper-based exams, and a small part are computer-based online exams. No matter what kind of exam, for a camera that can cheat, it can be used normally to cheat on the exam.

What are the characteristics of cheating cameras? Or it can be described this way, which cameras are suitable for cheating in exams?

1. The appearance of the camera should be harmonious with the surrounding environment, like a wireless spy glasses camera. Is it normal for candidates to wear glasses, which is in harmony with the surrounding environment? The spy glasses with camera for exam have a built-in lens, which is invisible to the naked eye. Whether paper-based exams or online computer exams, they are good tools for cheating. 4G shirt button camera, the mini button camera to cheat on exam is in the form of a button, you can put it on the front of the clothes, or you can put it on the button on the cuffs of the clothes. They are all perfectly hidden and difficult for the invigilator to discover. There is also a pen camera, which is also a good choice.

spy glasses with camera for exam
spy glasses with camera for exam

2. The camera needs to have network capabilities so that it can communicate with the outside and transmit and receive answers.

3. If your cheating camera has an infrared night vision function, you must ensure that the camera’s night vision light is a 960nm infrared light that does not emit light and is invisible.

How to cheat on a proctored exam with a camera

When the exam camera meets the above three conditions, cheating on a proctored exam with the camera has no problem. Even if there are cameras in exam rooms, they can be used normally.

How to cheat in the online exam when the camera is on?

The most important thing about cheating in exams is your mentality. You must be calm and not panic. Once you panic, even if you are not cheating, the invigilator is already staring at you. You have to look like a normal exam and use these cheating cameras calmly. The invigilator will not notice it. Therefore, remember to be calm, remember to be calm, remember to be calm, and say important things three times.

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