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How is the effect of the 2023 CPSE international security expo?

This year’s CPSE China international security expo visitor flow reached hundreds of thousands per day, and for four consecutive days, the number reached 500,000. CPSE 2023 was much more popular than the previous CPSE 2021. On the second day of CPSE, I went to visit the China Public Security Expo, especially Hall 1, which was very crowded. This was the first time in recent years that a security exhibition was so popular.

international security expo
international security expo

Because the China International Security Expo is held every other year, that is every two years. Why is CPSE held every two years?

In fact, it is very simple. The technical threshold of the security monitoring industry is low and the competition is extremely fierce. If it is held once a year, first of all, no one dares to show off technological innovation. New products are not innovative enough and can easily be copied by peers. If it is held every two years, giving enough time to innovative products, and the popular products that others have invented have already occupied the market, then there will be a certain gap in your copying, and innovative products will dare to debut at this time. Secondly, innovation in the surveillance and security industry is not that fast. If it is held once a year, everyone will not feel the progress every year. For example, it is not easy to find that your child has grown taller because you see him every day. It is not very sensitive to changes, so the quality of the exhibition is greatly reduced for both exhibitors and visitors.

China Public Security Expo

In the three years since the epidemic, the global economy has been in decline and deflation. The world has entered the forefront of the Great Recession, and global consumption has been sluggish. But this time CPSE 2023 shows a power that gives people confidence. The surveillance and security industry is also an extremely competitive industry. Product homogeneity is serious. This security exhibition gave me a different feeling, that is, each company is innovating its products in a different dimension than other companies. They are no longer copying each other. Everyone is looking for their own advantages that are different from others, laying a solid foundation and gaining a foothold. Our own advantages are moving towards the Internet of Everything, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and AI. Especially in Hall 1, this feeling is very obvious. Our products do not look the same, and each company’s products have their own characteristics. They are all looking for the direction of their own products.


So CPSE2023 is extremely popular. Does it mean that our trade in 2024 will be easier next year? Not necessarily, economic development will go through four cycles, which are the so-called Compo cycle, recovery, prosperity, recession, and the Great Depression. Therefore, in the past one or two years, the general economic trend has been downward. This exhibition has been extremely popular, which also reflects that everyone is looking for breakthroughs and thinking of ways. It is better than working behind closed doors. It is better to go out and see how others develop and take on the next step. Two years in the security industry.

Everyone is discussing why Hikvision did not attend the security expo 2023. There are various speculations. The most common one is that Hikvision’s market share has reached saturation and there is no need to participate in this kind of exhibition; there are also Hikvision products It has gradually separated from the surveillance camera production line; furthermore, it means that Hikvision has participated in other exhibitions such as the police security expo, so it will not participate in CPSE2023 this time. No matter what kind of speculation is actually just speculation, only Hikvision knows the real reason.

security expo 2023

Regarding the prediction of the International Security Expo 2025, I think the products will be obviously different in CPSE 2023 two years later. CPSE 2025 surveillance cameras will achieve the true Internet of Everything, artificial intelligence, and AI applications. Now everyone is building on the basic level. The real in-depth application will be realized in CPSE 2025. The details are as follows:

1. More powerful AI: By 2025, due to the development of chatgpt, the application of artificial intelligence in security will be further enhanced and more intelligent. Security systems will be able to more accurately identify and predict potential threats, reducing false alarms.

2. Autonomous driving and intelligent transportation: With the crowded population of big cities creating a good soil environment for smart city management and the popularization of autonomous driving technology, security exhibitions may highlight solutions related to intelligent transportation systems, including Vehicle identification, traffic management, smart city management, and security monitoring.

3. Further development of biometrics: Biometrics technology will further develop from the basic level to the deep application level, including more advanced face recognition, iris scanning and voiceprint recognition to improve security and convenience.

4. Multi-modal integration: Security systems will increasingly use multiple sensors and technologies, such as video, sound, temperature, and humidity sensors, to provide more comprehensive monitoring and analysis, such as phone video calls that have been on the market for three months. The camera fully realizes two-way video calling.

5. High-resolution and panoramic surveillance: We saw 4 lenses at this exhibition, monitoring in four directions: southeast, northwest, and southeast. It can be said to be true 360-degree surveillance without blind spots. Surveillance cameras will continue to improve resolution and provide wider fields of view to enhance security surveillance.

360 camera

Let us look forward to the 2025 China International Security Expo

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