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How to choose the right lpr camera software? Professional buying guide

With the continuous development of intelligent transportation system, license plate recognition camera plays an increasingly important role in the fields of traffic management, security monitoring, and parking management. However, there are various license plate recognition camera brands and models in the market, and it is not easy for ordinary consumers to choose a license plate recognition camera that suits their needs. This article will provide you with a professional LPR camera system buying guide to help you both choose the right license plate recognition camera and reduce unnecessary waste.

Understand the requirements and choose the features and performance to fit the scenario

Before choosing an LPR camera system, you should first clarify your needs. Different application scenarios may require different types of license plate recognition cameras, such as traffic intersection monitoring, parking lot entrance/exit management, or personal security monitoring. Defining your needs can help you better choose the right features and performance.

1. personal security monitoring needs, such as if you live in front of a roadside home, or passing vehicles are more, you may take into account the security, need to buy a camera that can see the license plate recognition, then you can choose to see out the license plate recognition camera, there is no need to buy a professional license plate recognition camera, such as the following recognition camera, very cheap, very suitable for use in such scenarios.


2. Road traffic intersection, then you can choose a professional license plate recognition camera, such as the following style, but also with the detection of speed radar.

LPR camera system

3. Parking access management, if the requirements are not so high, you can choose our following, the software is a free gift, do not need to buy it separately.

lpr camera

4. If you’re not badly off, you can buy my professional one below with payware and also an automatic scanning code to collect parking fees.

car park camera

LPR camera system performance indicators

1. License plate recognition accuracy: A good license plate recognition camera should be able to accurately recognize license plate numbers without interference from factors such as ambient light, weather, and license plate quality. The recognition accuracy of the camera can be understood by checking the product specifications or test reports. Qualified license plate recognition accuracy should reach more than 90%, but all of ours reach more than 97%.

2. LPR Camera resolution: A high-resolution camera can provide clearer images and help improve the accuracy of license plate recognition. The professional license plate recognition cameras we provide are above 5 megapixels and have just reached the new style of 8 megapixels.

3. Night vision function: At night or under low light conditions, the night vision function of the license plate recognition camera is very important. Choose the one with a good strong light suppression index, so that the license plate number is called clearly captured at night. Many road license plate recognition camera uses “eclipse” technology, in night shooting license plate is very good, but in the daytime also occasionally will appear “eclipse”, which affects the overall image integrity, or with white light license plate recognition camera, can guarantee in various light Conditions can accurately identify the license plate.

4. Field of view angle: different application scenarios may require different field of view angles. For example, the traffic intersection needs a wide-angle field of view, and long-distance capture, needs a zoom lens is appropriate, our traffic intersection license plate recognition camera uses 5-50MM traffic, 50 meters, and 80 meters distance completely see the license plate clearly. And parking lot needs a narrower field of view angle, should choose a low zoom lens or fixed lens, our parking lot license plate recognition camera uses a 2.8-12Mm electric lens. According to the specific needs choose the corresponding field of view angle.

5. processing speed: in high-speed intersections or congested roads, the vehicle passing speed is faster. Therefore, it is very important to choose a license plate recognition camera with fast processing speed. The fast processing speed can ensure that the camera can recognize the license plate timely and accurately, avoiding information delay or missing important information caused by the slow processing speed.

6. Sensitivity: license plate recognition camera sensitivity is also called illumination, this index can not be used as a reference alone, but should be in the specific conditions, as a reference, such as color illumination 0.15Lux/F1.4/AGCON/50IRE, which surface 0.15Lux low illumination using F1.4 flux lens, video signal level in 50IRE, AGCON conditions measured The video signal level is measured at 50IRE, AGCON. If you change the throughput of a large F1.0 lens, the video model measured level at 25IRE, and the measured low illumination index is even lower.

7. Privacy and security, all of our license plate recognition cameras are encrypted and equipped with dongles.

Consider environmental adaptability

1. Protection grade: LPR camera system usually needs to be used in the outdoor environment, so it is very important to choose a camera with good protection grade. At least achieving IP66 dustproof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant grade, can ensure that the camera in a variety of harsh environments works normally.

2. working temperature range: different regions have different climatic conditions, choose the license plate recognition camera to consider the camera’s working temperature range. Ensure that the selected camera can adapt to the temperature change of the region where it is located, to avoid affecting the performance and life of the camera because the temperature is too high or too low.

Scalability and Compatibility

1. Interface and protocol: License plate recognition cameras usually need to interact with other devices or systems for data, such as connection with monitoring systems, parking management systems, etc. When choosing a camera, make sure the camera has interfaces and protocols compatible with the required devices to ensure smooth data transmission. All of our interface protocols are open to third parties and SDKs are provided free of charge.

2. Extended functions: Some license plate recognition cameras also have some extended functions, such as face recognition, vehicle color recognition, vehicle type (e.g. van, car, truck) and vehicle speed. According to the actual demand, choose the camera with the required functions, which can improve the overall system effectiveness and application scope.

LPR camera system Cost and after-sales service

1. Cost budget: When choosing a license plate recognition camera, evaluate the price range of the available cameras according to your own budget. In the first paragraph I have mentioned, clear their own needs, and chosen suitable for their needs, in order to both save money and also to achieve their own requirements. Note that you should consider not only the price of the camera itself but also the cost of related equipment and systems. 2.

2. After-sales service: It is also important to choose a vendor with good after-sales service. Know the vendor’s after-sales support policy, warranty period, and technical support channels to ensure timely help and support during use. We will provide dedicated after-sales service personnel to handle your after-sales issues, and if it is a particularly big problem, we will send our technical staff to the site to solve it for you.

Choosing the right license plate recognition camera for you requires a combination of several factors, including requirements, performance specifications, environmental adaptability, scalability, and compatibility, as well as cost and after-sales service. By carefully studying and comparing different brands and models of an LPR camera system, you will be able to choose the professional license plate recognition camera that best suits your needs, thus enhancing the efficiency and safety of traffic management, security surveillance, and parking lot management as well as crime reduction, with a good return on investment and after-sales support.

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