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10 common problems of mini spy camera with audio, how many do you know?

One. How can I hide my spy camera at home?

       If you want to use the mini spy camera with audio at home, generally use a hidden or nanny camera with a camouflage shape. Like wifi socket cameras, hidden spy cameras, Strip wireless spy cameras with a cable, USB spy cameras, etc. The characteristic of these cameras is that they are easy to hide and not easy to be found.

  1. The WIFI socket spying hidden camera built-in microphone. It supports 220V AC or 12V DC optional. The hidden cameras spy can view remotely by mobile phone.

       2. The Strip wireless spy camera with cable support wall amount. It can hang on the wall so that it is convenient for recording and video                recording from the front



       3. The USB hidden camera with audio is 5V, it is a real USB phone charger. A completely black exterior is easier to hide。

usb charge camera

Two. Do 4G spy cameras really work?

        Check whether the 4G mini spy camera with audio works, divided into three steps.

  1. Check whether the 4G SPY CAMERA is powered on. Generally, there will be a prompt when the power is turned on, such as If the indicator light flickers or the body heats up, it means that the 4G SPY CAMERA has been powered. If the CAMERA is a spy camera with audio and night vision. Then you can check the ir led. You can put the camera in a dark place to see if the infrared light is on. If it is on, it will be powered on. If not, it will not be powered on. It may also be that the light is broken. This needs further investigation.

ir cctv camera

       2. First check whether there is a network signal in the 4G sim card slot. It’s very simple, open your phone’s WIFI settings, and you can                   check the SSID of the 4G SPY CAMERA. If it can be found, it means that there is no problem with the 4G SIM CARD SLOT. As long as             your  4G SIM CARD has traffic, then the 4G spy camera network system is normal. If the SSID of the 4G SIM CARD SLOT is not                         found.  It means that there is a problem with the 4G sim card slot.     

4g spy camera

       3. If the previous two steps are checked, both are normal or not working, then you will notice at this time whether your 4G SPY CAMERA              with sim card supports the local 4G frequency band, you can use different third-party 4G SIM CARD suppliers to test.

Three.  Can a spy camera be connected to the phone?

          spy camera with audio that connects to the phone, like these spy cameras, they are network. And wireless spy camera. It is easy to identify from the hidden camera Connection port, if the hidden camera cable port is only powered, then it is a WIFI type of hidden spy camera with audio.



           If the connection port of the mini spy camera with audio is a Coaxial HD pinhole camera.

pinhole lens camera
pinhole lens camera with night vision



             Like those Coaxial HD analog pinhole cameras, these are not with the network, and only record audio and video. It can not view remotely by the spy camera mobile phone APP. But the Coaxial HD analog pinhole camera has a very good advantage. That is it doesn’t need a network, It is more difficult to detect than the network invisible micro spy camera from the network port.

Four. Can a spy camera work without WiFi?

   This depends on what type of SPY CAMERA you have, usually, the SPY CAMERA that works without WIFI has two types of cameras.

   One is the coaxial high-definition camera, just like the SPY CAMERAS described above, which does not require a network.

   The other type is SPY CAMERA with a sim card. This type of camera only needs to be inserted into the SIM CARD, and it will have a network, and there is no need to provide a local network. Therefore, when buying, it depends on your own needs.

   If you need a mobile phone for remote viewing, you have to buy a network type. If you don’t need a mobile phone for remote viewing, you can buy a coaxial high-definition SPY CAMERA. The price of the network is more expensive than the high-definition one.

   If the local network is inconvenient, such as outdoor applications, and you need to watch remotely, then you need to buy a 4G SPY CAMERA, like a 4G SHIRT BUTTON SPY CAMERA WITH AUDIO, BATTERY, ONLY INSERT SIM CARD, it can work alone without network and power.

4g spy camera

Five. How long can a mini spy camera with audio work without power?

     The working hours of each spy camera are different, for example:

  1. Outdoor glasses spy camera with audio,4g shirt button Spy camera with battery. These spy   

          cameras usually work for 2-4 hours around.

  1. The indoor wireless socket camera, it is not with a battery. This kind of spy camera needs     

           a continuous power supply, once the power is cut off, the recording will stop

  1. There is a third 4G spy camera, it is low power consumption, like the spy camera, when

          people Come, it starts and records video, and once people leave, it can sleep. It is with battery. It can work for 6 months if charged once.

Six. How long can spy cameras record?

       Assuming a standard bitrate of 2 Mbps, here is an estimate of how long a 2MP network camera can record on different sizes of SD cards:

      16GB SD Card: A 16GB SD card can hold approximately 11 hours of continuous recording before it is full.

      32GB SD Card: A 32GB SD card can hold approximately 22 hours of continuous recording before it is full.

      64GB SD Card: A 64GB SD card can hold approximately 44 hours of continuous recording before it is full.

      128GB SD Card: A 128GB SD card can hold approximately 88 hours of continuous recording before it is full.

      It’s important to note that these are just estimates and the actual recording time may vary depending on factors such as the compression          technology used, the frame rate of the video, and the type of content being recorded. Additionally, it’s important to consider that                        continuous recording may overwrite older footage on the SD card, so the actual recording time may be shorter if the camera is recording          frequently.

Seven. How far away can spy cameras work?

  1. Coaxial HDspy cameras are not limited by distance. It doesn’t need a network, only powered for it. It records audio and video locally by SD card.

      2. Wire / Wireless spy cameras are limited by network distance. Like wifi spy cameras, the WIFI router is max 30M from the network                    mini spy camera with audio. But it can view remotely all over the world by login into the mobile phone app.

      3. Like 4G spy shirt button cameras, it is a 4g spy camera with an audio battery, it is not limited by network and power. It is hidden on your shirt buttons. You can record audio and video at any place. Of course, it can view remotely all over the world, It is the best concealed 4G            spy camera that you can carry around. Can hidden cameras record in dark?

Eight. Can hidden cameras record in dark?

       Not all hidden cameras record in dark, if you want to record in dark, you need to buy hidden cameras with night vision, that is with ir led. You speak to the boss. I need IR LED night vision hidden cameras. Because lots of hidden cameras on market is not with night vision. So you need to speak to him clearly.

       Of course, even if it is with ir led, it has two types. One is visible light ir led, you can look it is red when dark. Another type is 940nm invisible light ir led, you can not find it when fully dark. It can not be seen by our people’s eyes. Its Invisible light night vision hidden cameras are much better concealed than visible light hidden cameras.

pinhole lens camera
pinhole lens camera with night vision

Nine.  How do you know if a camera is watching you?

      If you are outdoors, it is indeed difficult to find him. If you have a dispute with the other party, you should carefully observe his glasses, buttons, watches, pens in his pockets, etc. when you communicate.

4g spy camera dvr kit
hidden camera

      If you go to the toilet, especially the public toilet, its safety is greatly challenged, so carefully observe the dark corners of the toilet before using it, especially on the ground, and it may also be on the ceiling, walls, etc.

      If you live in a hotel, it’s not a high-end five-star hotel, especially a cheap one. You must carefully investigate such a place, especially the sockets, lamps, etc. At night, you can turn off the lights and turn on the camera mode through your mobile phone, and then scan the walls, sockets, and ceilings for suspicious places. If there are any, red dots will appear on the screen of the mobile phone. This method is especially suitable for invisible cameras that do not shine at night.

Ten. How to choose to buy good quality mini SPY camera with audio?

      You have to consider the following aspects

  1. Do you need to shoot at night? If so, buy a 940nm IR LED spy camera with night vision and no light.
  2. Network requirements, do you need to remotely monitor the other party 24 hours a day, if necessary, then buy the SPY of the network Camera, if you don’t need it, just buy a coaxial high-definition spy camera, because it can save you a lot of money
  3. For the place of use, if it is outdoors, you need to consider spy cameras with batteries
  4. The most important thing is the picture quality, remember not to listen to the supplier talk about 3MP, 4mp, OR 5mp. That is useless.

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