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GPS Tracker

GPS Type

The types of GPS we produce include key chain trackers, GPS trackers for kids, Pet GPS trackers, GPS tracker for car, and wallet tracker card.

GPS Usage

Some trackers are specially designed for Apple phones, and can be searched globally through the Apple phone APP find My, and all our trackers are reported to Apple for certification, so you can buy and use them with confidence; other trackers, at the same time Supports Android and Apple phones. This type of tracker has a dedicated follower APP. Through the tracker APP, whether it is an Apple or Android phone, you can accurately locate it remotely and quickly obtain the location of the lost item.

GPS Function

All trackers support LOGO customization including packaging customization. The card locator can be customized with NFC and RFID functions. The material, shape, and color of key chain belts can be customized, etc. Card trackers can have built-in NFC and RFID chips.

GPS Application

As the pace of our lives accelerates, we always forget this and lose that in our work and life. Then this product came into being. For example, our wallets, school bags, pets, travel bags, keys, children, etc. This GPS is particularly suitable for use. Generally, after being fully charged, it can be used for at least 4 months, and some can be a year. We no longer have to worry about lost items in the future like wallet with tracker, car gps tracker uae.

How to find a GPS tracker on your car?

You need a professional anti-positioning detector, which is also very cheap to buy online. Of course,

Where to hide a GPS tracker on a car?

If you want to hide a GPS in the car, it is very easy. You can buy a small GPS with magnetic attraction and put it under the car; or buy a key chain GPS track, which generally does not attract people’s attention and is easier to hide, like a card tracker tracking wallet.

How to block vehicle GPS tracking?

You can put an anti-tracking detector or signal jammer on your car so that the other party cannot track it. Of course, if you don’t want the other party to find out that you already know that the GPS is tracking you, you can tie the tracker to someone else’s car or other moving objects. Let others mistakenly think that is the movement route of your car.

What does a GPS tracker look like?

There are many types of GPS shapes, such as miniature squares, miniature circles, disguised keychains, cards, etc. Normally, no matter what shape the GPS track is, there will be the word GPS on the surface. It is easy to spot it if you look carefully and identify it.

Is there a GPS tracker that is free?

Yes, the locator does not require a 4G SIM card or wireless network. Only through the iPhone network, the iPhone APP find my can locate lost items globally. It is completely free to use.

Is the Apple AirTag a GPS tracker?

Yes, this is a Find My App GPS tracker specially designed for Apple. Very convenient and simple to use. No internet is required, and no separate GPS tracking APP is required. Ultra-low power consumption, with a standby time of more than 4 months.