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Classification of ALPR Camera

In terms of usage:

  1. Road ALPR camera systems for road vehicle license plate number recognition
  2. Parking lot ALPR Cameras for Parking lot license plate recognition management

In terms of network:

  1. Wire network LPR system
  2. WIFI network ANPR LPR
  3. 4g sim card camera LPR
  4. No network analog LPR camera

In terms of power:

  1. DC 12V license plate recognition system
  2. AC 110-260V ANPR system
  3. Solar-powered ANPR camera

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an ALPR camera cost?

Price range from 99usd to 999usd according to different functions. You can view my ALPR camera column

What is the difference between LPR and ANPR?

Generally, ANPR is more professional than LPR. ALPR may involve license plate capture but does not necessarily identify the license plate number. ALPR is a fully automatic professional license plate recognition and then stores the license plate number under the automatic license plate recognition system.

Do LPR cameras work at night?

Yes, the ANPR IP camera is with white light-led night vision.

How do I set up my LPR camera?

ANPR CCTV camera settings are generally in the software client.

What camera is good enough to read the license plates?

A camera with a built-in license plate recognition algorithm and a license plate recognition IP camera with a recognition rate of more than 90% is the best LPR Camera

Can I record it in the Wi-Fi security camera?

No, you have to use a professional LPR IP camera to record, usual wifi camera can not record plate numbers. it needs a built-in license plate algorithm.

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