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We are a manufacturer of R&D and production of security surveillance cameras, supporting OEM and ODM services. The earliest 4G surveillance camera on the market, the solar camera is produced by our factory.
We are a fully customized factory. According to your needs, we can quickly produce samples and confirm samples within a week.
For example, we now support all cameras with GPS functions. There are many more as long as you meet the demand, we can produce.

Security Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Which camera is best for home security?

If your home’s power supply and network are stable, then of course wired network surveillance cameras are the most suitable for home monitoring. Wired is relatively stable and economical compared to wireless.
If your home’s power supply and network are unstable, then use 4G solar surveillance cameras directly. 4G surveillance cameras are the best home security cameras for places with unstable networks.

Is there a security camera without a monthly fee?

Only those CCTV cameras with cloud storage will have a monthly fee for cloud storage. If you are using a memory card to store video, or a video recorder to store video, then there is no so-called monthly fee. But all network surveillance wifi cameras need a network every month, just need to provide the network like a network camera

Are wireless security cameras a good idea?

Yes, for places where wiring is inconvenient, security wifi cameras for homes are the best choice

What is the difference between a security camera and a surveillance camera?

Nothing, only different words. For the same CCTV camera, you can call it a security camera or surveillance camera.

What is the downside to Wi-Fi security cameras?

1. The security camera’s wireless is not as stable as the wired camera, and the wireless security camera system may experience network disconnection.
2. Wireless cameras are generally more expensive than wired cameras
3. The wireless outdoor security cameras are limited by network distance. Generally, the wireless outdoor CCTV camera cannot be more than 30M away from the wireless router, but the wired camera can reach hundreds of meters.