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Types of Hidden Cameras

In terms of network: wireless network mini hidden surveillance cameras, 4g LTE spy camera, no WIFI network analog coaxial mini hidden video camera
In terms of night vision: Visible light infrared light night vision camera, infrared light invisible light night vision camera, night vision mini hidden camera recorder without infrared light
In terms of appearance: camera on shirt button, spy glasses camera, wifi socket camera, etc.
In terms of screen resolution, 720P, 1080P, 4K screen micro center hidden camera, etc.

Spy camera buying guide

You need to confirm where the hidden spy video camera is used, whether it is indoors or outdoors, whether the network is convenient, and whether there are lights in the environment at night (deciding whether to use night vision function at night).

If you use outdoors, you should buy one that is easy to carry, has good camouflage, has a 4G network function, and has a battery.
If it is indoors, you can buy an indoor hidden surveillance camera wireless, which has good camouflage performance.

If you need to use it at night, then you buy a hidden night vision camera and invisible light. When you choose the quality of the night vision picture, you tell your supplier that you need a spy camera with a Sony sensor, don’t say a few megapixels, because those pixels are not necessarily True, but if the Sony hidden camera, the night vision must be very good, there is no way to fake this, and in terms of night vision, the picture quality of the sony sensor is the most delicate and clear.

Hidden secret cameras Frequently Asked Questions :

How to hide a camera to spy?

If for the convenience of hiding small hidden camers, then Camouflaged spy cams are best the hidden camera like shirt button camera(outdoor application), socket camera(Indoor application)

Are there undetectable spy cameras?

Yes, for the coaxial analog hidden camera without IR LED light, then it is difficult to find it.

Can I put cameras in my house without my spouse knowing?

It depends on whether you use it to protect your legitimate rights and interests. If you do something illegal or achieve ulterior motives, then this is not allowed.

Can you have a spy camera without WiFi?

Yes, we have a small hidden camera without wifi.

Can a spy camera be connected to the phone?

Yes, as long as your small hidden camera device is a network mobile phone hidden camera, then it can connect to the phone

What does a mini hidden camera do?

Many, for example, Investigation and evidence collection, babysitter monitoring, unannounced visits to illegal activities, meeting minutes, business negotiations