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Outdoor 180 degree view panoramic IP camera with dual lens binocular camera

Key benefits

  • 4MP dual lens
  • 180º Panorama Camera
  • Support infrared / floodlight led
  • Support humanoid intelligent alert zone/line alarm.
  • Support TF card/cloud storage


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4MP Dual Lens binocular screen 180°Wide Viewing Panorama Security Camera

180-degree binocular camera features

  •  4.0MP (3840X1080) HD resolution, the image is clear and delicate;
  • Dual-lens horizontal 180°wide-angle viewing, 32:9 screen;
  • Support real-time picture-in-picture;
  • Support wired or wireless network connection
  • Support infrared&floodlight, support humanoid, intelligent (Alert Zone& Alert Line etc.)
  • Support Alarm image push to email
  • Support 2D/3D noise reduction, digital wide dynamic
  • 4 dot matrix infrared light and 4 dot matrix floodlight light; infrared night vision 30 meters, White full color 20 meters;
  • Support 2.4Ghz wireless, 3dBi antenna, wireless transmission 30 meters;
  • Built-in TF card slot, maximum support 128G; support cloud storage;
  • Advanced Smart H.265AI/H.265+ video compression technology, ultra-low bit rate, high-definition image quality;
  • Support ONVIF, compatible with XM NVR and other third-party NVR
  • Support mobile phone/tablet remote viewing (iOS, Android, Harmony OS);
  • Support a variety of cloud technologies, realize network penetration, push alarm information to mobile phones and snapshot 、event recording and Continuous recording other functions;
  • Package: 265X175X87mm; weight: 0.62KG, 30pcs/carton:530X525X435MM, 21KG/carton

180-degree security camera Specification

Model WX400-F2BW
Image Sensor Dual sensor,2PCS 2.0MP 1/2.8″SC223A High Performance CMOS sensor
Video Resolution 4MP(3840X1080)
Effective Pixels 4MP
Aspect Ratio 32:9
Video Encoding H.265AI/H.265+Code, Dual Code stream, AVI format;
Video Frame Rate Up to 30Fps
Video Bit Rate 0.1M~10Mpbs
Image Output Main-code stream: 3840*1080@12fps; Sub-code stream: 1280*360@12fps
Minimum Illumination 0Lux(IR ON)
Number of lenses 2 pcs
Focal Length 3.6MM
Field of view Horizontal field of view 170° ± 10°, vertical field of view 55° ± 10°
Lens Mount M12
Aperture Type Fixed Aperture
Maximum Aperture F1.4
Infrared Light 4pcs 18mil IR LEDs
Infrared Night Vision Screen Black and White
Night Vision Distance 10-30m
Floodlight 4pcs 18mil White Light
Floodlight Night Vision Color
Night Vision Distance 15-20m
Recording sound distance 15m
Intercom Distance 15m
TF Card Slot Maximum support 128G
Cloud Storage Support
APP Language Chinese/English/Japanese/Portuguese
Voice Broadcast Chinese/English/Japanese/Portuguese
Mobile Phone Support Android/IOS/Harmony system mobile phones
Laptop Support Android/IOS/Harmony system tablet
Desktop PC Support
Motion Detection Support
Humanoid Detection Support
Linkage Alarm Mobile Phone Push Support
Linkage Device Voice Alarm Support
Transmission Type Wireless/Wired(Customerized POE)
Wired Interface 1 RJ45 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet port
Radio Frequency 2.4Ghz
Wireless Distance Unobstructed 60 meters, the partition wall 20-25 meters
Unit Size 265X175X87mm
Net Weight 0.62kg
30pieces/CTN 530X525X435mm
Carton Weight 21kg

180-Degree Camera Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 180-degree camera?

A 180-degree panoramic camera is a camera designed to capture a wide-angle field of view up to 180 degrees. It uses dual lenses to achieve this wide-angle field of view, covering a large horizontal 180-degree area without moving or adjusting the camera. Instead of distorting the image, the camera software corrects the distortion and stitches the images together to create a panoramic view. 180-degree panoramic camera are commonly used in surveillance and security systems, as well as VR/AR applications and other scenarios that require a wide-angle view. They can also be used for panoramic photography and videography to capture immersive 180-degree views.

What is a 180-degree view?

A 180-degree view refers to a panoramic view that captures a field of view of up to 180 degrees. In other words, this view covers everything that is visible to the human eye in a full-circle view, except for the part that is directly behind the viewer. This view can be achieved through the use of a specialized lens, called a fisheye lens, which can capture a wide-angle view, distorting the image in a way that it can be corrected through software to create a panoramic image. 180-degree views are often used in applications where a wide-angle view is required, such as surveillance cameras, virtual reality, and panoramic photography.

Is 180 the same as 360?

No, a 180-degree camera lens view is not the same as a 360-degree view. The 180-degree view captures half a circle or hemisphere and the image is flat, while the 360-degree view captures the entire circle or sphere and the image is distorted. The 360-degree viewing angle lets you see everything in every direction, including everything behind you. Fisheye lenses can be used to capture 180-degree camera views and 360-degree views, but 360-degree views require additional imaging technology or multiple cameras to capture the full circle. 180-degree camera viewing angles are often used in surveillance systems and panoramic photography, while 360-degree viewing angles are often used in virtual tours and high-end virtual reality applications.

What type of lens can capture 180 views?

At present, the binocular lens of the digital binocular camera is popular in the market. The picture taken by the binocular lens of the binocular video camera is flat and not distorted. The fisheye lens is gradually eliminated, and the picture taken by the language lens is seriously distorted.

180-degree panoramic camera Introduce

Introducing our state-of-the-art 180-degree panorama camera, binocular in-screen panorama camera, and the true panorama camera with no distortion.

🌐 1. 180-degree panorama: Immerse yourself in the stunning 180-degree panorama. This camera offers a wide field of view, capturing a wide 180-degree area in a single frame. Whether monitoring large spaces, enhancing security, or creating an immersive visual experience, 180-degree panoramic coverage has no distortion.

📷 2. 4MP Binocular Lens: Experience superior image quality with our panoramic camera’s high-resolution 4MP binocular lens. It captures every detail with exquisite clarity, ensuring you never miss a frame. Whether used for surveillance, photography, or professional applications, this camera delivers clear and vivid images.

🖼️ 3. No image distortion: Say goodbye to image distortion and distorted perspective. Our 180° panorama camera uses advanced lens technology to ensure realistic photos. The innovative design eliminates distortion, preserving the integrity of the scene for a natural and undistorted viewing experience.

🌙 4. Low Light Performance: Don’t sacrifice image quality even in low light conditions. Equipped with advanced low-light technology, our 180-degree panoramic camera capture clear and detailed images even in challenging lighting environments. Day or night, this camera ensures reliable performance and visibility.