Unannounced Visit Investigation Forensics Special Equipment

4G hidden camera with microphone

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built 4G sim card / SD card
  • Camera type optional like shirt button camera, pinhole camera
  • View remotely


  • Unannounced visit
  • Admission Key Evidence


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • The camera’s shape optional


4G hidden camera with microphone

4G hidden camera-tuya


  1.  Support 4K image output, image 720P,1080P 4K switch mode output.
  2.  4G AHD DVR connect with AHD USB button camera
  3.  Built-in battery, the battery is powered for 2 hours if charged fully once.
  4.  Built-in microphone, it can listen to live sound by mobile APP.
  5.  1M Long cable, Convenient to hide


Product name: 4g cellular hidden camera

Resolution: 2MP 1080P

Sensor: Sony323 CMOS

Audio: Built-in microphone, one-way audio.

APP: Scan the QR code on the manual

Len: 3.7mm fixed focus lens

Camera cable long: 1M

Application: Outdoor shooting, reporters conducting undercover investigations, police secretly obtaining criminal evidence, and obtaining trade secrets

Are 4G security cameras good?

Not necessarily, this depends on your needs and your local network cost conditions. Consider whether the 4G security camera has advantages from two aspects. The first aspect is where your camera is used. If it is outdoors, or in the wild, mobile and it is inconvenient to obtain the Internet, then 4G surveillance cameras are a very convenient and cost-saving choice; secondly, if the cost of your local 4G network is lower than the cost of the Internet, then no matter where For any camera used, you can choose a 4G surveillance camera. Of course, you must also consider the smoothness and stability of the 4G network.

What is a 4G security spy camera?

We know that previous web cameras required a network. There are many types of networks, including wireless networks, wired networks, and 4G networks. Well, now the 4G network has become popular, it is easier and more convenient to obtain, and the cost is also decreasing year by year. Therefore, 4G network cameras are becoming more and more popular and better.

How do you detect if a 4g hidden spy camera is watching you?

Yes, we have now specially produced a new anti-candid 4g hidden camera detector, which you can find on the website, as shown in the picture below. It contains four major functions, vibration alarm, flashlight, SOS one-click rescue, and anti-infrared detection function.

anti 4g hidden camera