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30X 20X Zoom 5g security PTZ camera with two way audio

Key benefits

  • 5MP
  • Two-way audio
  • Auto tracking Rotation
  • Face detection
  • 5G band


  • Home , Courtyard, Warehouse ……


  • 5G sim card / WIFI  optional
  • Solar-powered / DC12V optional



5g camera specification

  1. IP66 Waterproof Metal Housing.
  2. 7 inch mini ptz
  3. External 4G card, FDD: B1,B3, B7,B8, B20  TD: B38,B40,B41
  4. Support three stream / Mobile monitor / PC view / Explorer view .
  5. Support Various network protocols TCP/IP, HTTP,TCP, ICMP,UDP, ARP, IGMP, SMTP,FTP, DHCP,DNS, DDNS,NTP,UPNP, RTSP.
  6. Support Manufacturer dynamic domain name and third-party dynamic domain name resolution
  7. Support Alarm image push to email
  8. Support alarm image upload to the FTP server
  9. Support Timing capture image upload to the FTP server
  10. Support Static IP, also supports dynamic IP (DHCP)
  11. Support Plug and play
  12. Support IE ./ Google / Firefox browser
  13. Support 12 user views at the same time
  14. Support Motion detection (area, sensitivity settable) alarm function
  15. Support UPNP automatic port mapping
  16. Support Max 128GB SD card
  17. Build in the Web server
  18. SIZE: 295x295x410mm 2PCS/CARTON
  19. Application: Patio, Main entrance, Road, and so on
  20. Components:
    18pcs Ф22 Lattice Lamps
    YTOT 3MP 4.7-84.6MM lens 22X Optical Zoom
    Metal Big Ir cut (High temperature, metal IR cut will protect the image from blurred)
    200M ir distance
    Metal housing


Does the security camera work on 5g?

The 5g outdoor wireless security cameras support 5G, but if there is a 5g band local, then it can be compatible with our 5G PTZ camera. Only your country has a 5G band, our 5g G-compatible security cameras can work for you locally.

What security cameras work with 5g?

Only the security camera 5G chip is compatible with the 5G band. And your local support 5G signal. Then the 5G security cameras can work with 5G.

You ask your supplier clearly at first, whether their camera supports 5g band. If not, then the security camera can not work with 5g. If yes, then you ask them again, what band is their 5g cameras, whether including your local 5G band. If yes, then the security camera can be compatible with your local 5g .

What is the difference between 2.4G and 5G security cameras?

2.4G generally describes the strength of wireless signals, and 5g describes the signal strength of mobile networks like 4G, 2G, and 3G.