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Airtag GPS tracker Anti-lost

Key benefits

  • Audio record
  • World GPS tracking
  • No need to charge alone
  • Easy to carry
  • Tracking remotely


  • Old man, Child tracking
  • Baggage tracking
  • Pet tracking
  • Keychain, small items tracking

Dealer cooperation

  • If you are buying in bulk, custom LOGO is also supported.


airtag gps tracker

Airtag GPS tracker Specification

Product Name:  Intelligent anti-lost device Airtag GPS tracker

APP System:  Android / IOS

Standby time:180 days

Product size:  30mm*30mm*9mm

Battery model: CR2032

3 STRONG Function

1. Object-finding function

2. Anti-lost function

3. Map positioning function


bike gps tracker
airtag tracker
package track