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Smart anpr camera car park number plate recognition with parking lot payment systems

Key benefits

  • Built-in plate recognition CNN algorithm
  • Support VIP / Black-&Whitelist management
  • Support open and closing gate
  • Support Local languages of some countries
  • Support parking lot payment system


  • Parking lot management


  • 4G sim card / WIFI / WIRE optional


Parking lot payment systems smart ANPR camera car park number plate recognition

The parking lot payment systems can set VIP, black list, and white list, it built different country license plate algorithms, and ANPR camera parking can support any country plate number recognition.

Park lot ANPR IP camera

  • Support Cloud deployment, web cross-platform remote access, and debugging.
  • Built-in license plate recognition CNN algorithm
  • Super starlight Camera, suitable for harsh light environments
  • Support Black-&Whitelist management
  • Fully support for special LP recognition, No LP recognition
  • Save pictures without an SD card.

Parking lot payment systems Description

ECV87 exit &entrance camera through the embedded system architecture, which can achieve the vehicle License Plate recognition and capture function, meanwhile with black white list, large angle recognition, special LPR camera, coil mode filter non-motor vehicles, car.

color recognition function etc. It is wildly used on different kinds of parking lots.

parking lot payment systems

LPR camera parking lot payment systems Specifications

  • Processor:  specialized license plate recognition chip
  • Sensor type: 1/2.8″ Progressive Scan CMOS
  • Recognition rate:≥98%
  • Triggering mode: Video triggering, coil trigger, vehicle capturing rate≥99.7%
  • Interface: 1*RJ45 ,2*IO,2*RS485,1*USB,1*SD
  • Picture output:  2 mega-pixel JPEG
  • Video compression format: H.264,H.265,MJPEG
  • Power supply:  AC 220V/DC 12V
  • Power consumption ≤5W
  • Working temperature: -25℃~+70℃
  • Working humidity:≤90% (no condensing)
  • Protection: IP65
  • Size (mm): 452(L)*148(W)*120(H)
  • Weight: 2.7kg

What is the parking lot payment system?

A parking lot payment system is a technology that allows drivers to pay for their parking using a digital payment method instead of physical coins or tickets. It has become increasingly common in urban areas where parking is in high demand and can be used to reduce traffic congestion. This can include such methods as mobile payment or cashless payment with a card. The parking lot payment system can also track vehicles and provide data on parking trends.

What is the ANPR camera parking technology?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition parking technology (Automatic Number Plate Recognition parking technology) is an advanced parking system that uses cameras and license plate recognition technology to automate the parking process. Automatic license plate recognition parking technology enhances the driver’s parking experience, making it more convenient and safer.

License plate recognition parking technology uses a camera to capture license plate images, built-in license plate recognition algorithms, and license plate recognition software to automatically recognize and record vehicle entry and exit. The system also calculates the length and cost of parking for each vehicle, eliminating the need for paper tickets and human intervention.

Can local authorities use ANPR in car parks?

Yes, local authorities can use ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology in car parks. ANPR camera systems can be an effective tool for the management and enforcement of parking regulations in car parks.

ANPR cameras can recognize license plate numbers and automatically capture the details of the vehicle when it enters or exits the car park. This information can be used to regulate parking, detect parking violations, and manage car park capacity. Local authorities can use this data to enforce parking rules and regulations, such as time limits, maximum stay restrictions, and permit-only parking areas.

Furthermore, ANPR cameras can help improve the overall security of car parks by detecting unauthorized entry, stolen or suspect vehicles, and suspicious activity. This can deter criminal activity and provide a safe and secure environment for car park users.

What is the difference between ANPR and RFID?

ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are both technologies used for vehicle identification, but they have some key differences:

1. Method of vehicle identification: ANPR technology works by using cameras to capture and recognize license plate numbers, while RFID technology uses radio waves to communicate with RFID tags or transponders attached to vehicles.

2. Range: ANPR cameras typically have a range of several meters, meaning they can read license plates from a distance, while RFID systems have a shorter range, generally a few feet or less.

3. Accuracy: ANPR technology can accurately read license plates even at high speeds and from various angles, whereas RFID technology can have some accuracy issues depending on the location and the quality of the RFID tag or transponder.

4. Cost: ANPR systems can be more expensive than RFID systems, particularly when it comes to installation and maintenance.

5. Usage: ANPR technology is commonly used for parking management, toll collection, and law enforcement applications, whereas RFID technology is commonly used for asset tracking, access control, and inventory management applications.