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Anti spy camera detector with SOS Vibration alarm flashlight

Key benefits

  • Access control vibration alarm
  • Flashlight
  • SOS one click for help
  • Anti spy camera detector


  • Defend lady-killer
  • Anti spy camera detector


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Anti-spy camera detector with SOS Vibration alarm flashlight

anti spy detector


  1.  SOS one click for help, anti spy camera detector anti-tailgating wolf warning device for girls
  2.  Detect spy cameras in hotels/toilets/ Shopping mall changing rooms. Scan the surrounding environment. If an extremely strong bright spot flashes in front of the light, it is the camera, like Pinhole/stealth, infrared/non-infrared, wired/wireless
  3.  Vibration alarm, Anti-picking For example, in a hotel, hang the anti-spy detector on the door handle while sleeping. If a thief outside turns the door handle, an anti-spy bug detector will immediately sound a 120DB high frequency piercing alarm sound and a bright light flash. 24-hour double bodyguard protection。
  4.  Add a flashlight additional function, the camera detector can be illuminated at night.
  5.  Compact and easy to carry like pocket, Shoulder bag
  6.  Cheaper price than jmdhkk anti spy detector


Product name: Anti-pervert spy camera alarm

Material: ABS+PCB

Control way: Button type

Alarm Mode: High-decibel piercing alarm sound and high-frequency bright light flashing

Camera detection: Infrared reflection detection

Access control mode: Vibration alarm

Battery capacity: 80-120MAH

Charging interface: Type-C

Alarm decibel: 120DB

Box specifications: 200pcs/ box;

Product size: 4*1.8*7.3cm

Product weight: 43g

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

There are rumors on the Internet that mobile phones can detect hidden cameras. Yes, mobile phones can detect spy cameras, You can buy and install the best spy hidden camera detector app on your mobile phone. But sometimes mobile phones are not that sensitive. For example, infrared light with a wavelength of 940nm is not so easy for mobile phones to detect. Therefore, if you are worried about being secretly photographed in a hotel, it is recommended to use a professional anti spy hidden camera detector.

How do you block a hidden camera detector?

How to prevent being detected by camera detectors seems to be difficult. As long as the other party wants to detect the hidden surveillance camera, it will be difficult to hide the spy camera.

Do anti-spy camera detectors work?

Most anti spy camera detector on the market are effective