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Best bluetooth spy glasses camera 4k video recording sunglasses with microphone and speaker monitor

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone/audio recording
  • Support Bluetooth
  • Support listening to music
  • Support answering and making calls


  • Home life recording
  • Outdoor travel recording …..


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  • WIFI is developing
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Best Bluetooth spy glasses camera 4k video recording sunglasses with microphone and speaker monitor

Bluetooth spy glasses camera specification

Model: xv16

Angle of view:90 degrees Video format: MP4 video 2K Video coding: H.264 Net weight:63.8g


Standby duration:180 days Product functions: video recording,

Gross weight: 197g photographing Pixels:4k

Listen to music and answer the phone Video resolution:2048*1152 Photo format: JPG photo 4K Interface:type-C USB

Charging voltage: dc-5v

Battery: built-in polymer cell

Product size:161*176*47mm

Accessories: host, manual, data cable, glasses cloth

Zipper bag,color box(with transparent lens),memory card (optional)

Bluetooth glasses camera

Bluetooth sunglasses with a camera

bluetooth spy glasses camera


How to use spy camera glasses?

Bluetooth spy glasses camera manual

How long can spy glasses record?

The Bluetooth glasses camera has a built-in polymer cell. The output voltage of Bluetooth camera glasses is DC5V. Camera Bluetooth glasses can support 180 days of working time if charged once.

Are there glasses that can take pictures?

Yes, the glasses with Bluetooth camera can take photos.

What do Bluetooth glasses do?

  1. The Bluetooth video camera glasses can be used to answer calls and make calls.
  2. The spy camera glasses Bluetooth can listen to music„Äā
  3. The video camera glasses Bluetooth support recording video with audio
  4. The Bluetooth camera glasses iPhone can also take pictures

How do you record with spy glasses?

If you want spy glasses with camera for exam, we also have glasses with a wifi camera.