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4G WIFI body Wearable Camera with audio

Key benefits

  • Built-in 1000mah battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built-in 4G sim card slot
  • Support review remotely


  • DV sport recording
  • Meet recording
  • Police law enforcement´╝î etc.


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • CameraÔÇÖs LOGO


4G wifi body Wearable Camera with audio

body camera with audio

Body camera with audio Feature

  1. Body camera with audio has a 1.5nch Display screen, 1.5-inch golden ratio high-definition, high-resolution, accurate video shooting, and clear look and feel, bringing you an exquisite viewing experience.
  2.  Live preview, playback, selfie, Remaining battery display, capture any angle for your daily life.
  3.  Law enforcement instrument with the screen.
  4.  4G sim card, live stream remotely, built-in battery.
  5.  It is a very good helper for the police.
  6.  IR night vision, 180-degree len rotation,


Product Name: Full body camera with audio

Resolution: 2K 4K

Len: 3.6MM len Wide angle

Installation method: magnetic suction, buckle

Network Mode: 4G WIFI

Battery capacity: 1000MAH

Application: police enforcement´╝î Reporter investigation´╝î meeting record´╝î live stream

Do body cameras have audio?

Yes, these hidden body cameras have a built-in microphone. Even ordinary webcams now have built-in microphones, and audio has become widely available. The police body cameras for sale have microphone audio.

Can civilians own body cameras?

Of course, this mini body camera has a large lens and is not a hidden or disguised spy camera. Therefore, this small body camera is not a SPY camera. It is a legal outdoor live broadcast, sports, and other web cameras. No need for a network or electricity, the secret body camera has a built-in SIM CARD and battery.

Do body cameras record all the time?

Yes, a hidden body camera with audio records 24 hours a day, not a low-power camera. Because, it is mainly used for sports video, live broadcast, and live law enforcement. So the video has to be sustainable.

Can body cameras live stream?

Yes, this small body camera with audio has a built-in 4G SIM CARD SLOT, just insert the 4G card. Then the small body cameras can record live broadcasts outdoors. HD picture, sound, and video recording. The body-worn cameras for sale support live stream. The body worn camera with audio built-in 4g sim card. These support live streams like wireless hidden body camera with audio and 4g body camera. It can view remotely by the body camera app.

Are police body cameras public record´╝č

Yes, that is their law enforcement legal record, and it must be recorded throughout the process without stopping in the middle. Otherwise, it will be deemed as an unauthorized deletion of the video, which is illegal. Therefore, the police must record and videotape the whole process.

How to get body camera footage´╝č

The law enforcement recorder has a built-in memory card, and all audio and video recordings are automatically saved in the memory card. If you obtain these videos, you can remove the memory card and view the video content directly on your computer through a card reader.

Are police body cameras required by law´╝č

Yes, as long as the police go out to enforce the law, they must record and videotape the entire process, and then wait at the police station so that the police can investigate and analyze the case later to solve the case.

Can I wear a body camera at work´╝č

Of course, body camera for civilians can be worn in activities such as reporter interviews, police law enforcement, outdoor shooting, outdoor live broadcasts, and sports recording. The personal body camera with audio is legal.

Can police body cameras be turned off?

Under normal circumstances, the audio and video recordings of police enforcement cannot be turned off midway. Every body camera with audio is numbered.