4G button spy camera with audio

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Key benefits

  • Live stream by APP / PC
  • 4G network
  • Built-in battery
  • Support 128GB SD card


  • Undercover Investigation
  • Outdoor shooting


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4G button spy camera with audio

button camera with audio

Hidden button camera Feature

Lives stream by APP or PC. Only insert a 3G 4G, or 5G sim card, then the button camera with audio has a network and view remotely worldwide.

The shirt button camera built-in battery. The button spy camera with audio can work alone, with no need for power.

The cable of the button hole camera is 1M long, so it is convenient to hide.

With the hidden button camera with audio built-in microphone, you can hear the sound by the mobile button spy camera APP.

Button camera 4k output

Button spy camera specification

Sensor: Sony lens button 2mp 1080P

The hidden button camera supports mobile phones: IOS Apple / Android

4G card insertion direction: Insert the 4G card into the card slot with the copper core metal side facing downwards.

Battery operating time:2 hours around.

Charging time: one hour

4G support country: Europe, America, Asia, Oceania, Middle East UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel, Qatar.

What is the use of a button camera?

Button camera with audio video recording can be used for cheating in exams, secret filming, private detectives, police investigations, journalist investigations, obtaining evidence, outdoor filming, and undercover investigations.

How do I find my hidden camera or voice recorder?

You can block and discover hidden cameras with anti-spam and recording jammers.

Does the shirt button spy camera host have a battery? How long can it last? Can it be connected to a power bank?

With the battery, the battery life of button security cameras is only about two hours. The button size camera can be connected to a power bank (1000 mAh for about an hour), and it is recommended to keep it connected to the power bank. In addition, it is normal for the machine to heat up when it is just connected, and it usually returns to normal temperature in one to two hours.

What is the difference between wifi button camera and a 4G button camera, and how is the signal?

Wireless button camera needs to be connected to the 2.4g Wi-Fi emitted by the router at home (mobile phone hotspot or portable WIFI can also be used, but the stability is not as good as that emitted by the router);

4G requires customers to bring their own 4G card, which supports any country, like the United Arab Emirates;

The quality of the signal depends on the Wi-Fi and 4G signal strength of the installation environment, which is similar to the mobile phone signal reception. If you choose the Wi-Fi button hole camera, you can only connect to Wi-Fi, and if you choose the 4G button spy camera, you can only connect to the 4G card.

What is the AHD black WIFI box? How big is the lens? Can I replace it myself?

The AHD black WIFI box is the host of button camera with audio, 6cm long and 5cm wide, and needs to be connected to the power cord (thick wire) and the camera lens cable (thin wire). The lens diameter of the wearable button camera is 12mm, the M12 interface is 2.8mm, and the base is 15*15mm. If you need to replace the M12 lens with another focal length, you can use pliers to unscrew the lens counterclockwise and replace it with another lens.

What functions does the button body cam have?

The button body camera supports inserting a memory card. When the button camera recorder is connected to WIFI or 4G network, you can operate real-time monitoring and listening, reviewing button camera video and recording, etc. on the mobile phone button camera recording APP.
If you keep recording, 64G can record for about 5 days, if it is mobile recording;
The button camera with live streaming supports alarm recording and notification (it means that it will record only when someone moves, and then notify the mobile phone at the same time, but you need to turn on the notification permission of the app);
The button camera with microphone is coaxial AHD 2 million pixel 1080P resolution. There is no other camera at present. The clarity of this button camera with audio is sufficient for home use.