Card Anti-lost locator wallet finder tracker


Key benefits

  • Ultra-thin and portable
  • Apple phone come APP
  • 6 months standby
  • Tracking remotely


  • Old man, Child tracking
  • Baggage tracking
  • Wallet
  • Travel bag

Dealer cooperation

  • If you are buying in bulk, custom LOGO is also supported.


Card Anti-lost locator wallet finder

card finder

Card wallet finder Anti-lost locator specification

Product name: Card wallet Finder

Applicable scene´╝ÜIndoor, shopping mall, parking lot, travel, business

Color: Black

Power consumption´╝Ü6 monthes

Volume: 1.8mm Ultra thin

APP: No need Card APP , Apple phone Comes with mobile phone

Charge way: Wireless charging

Card Anti-lost Tool Application process

  1. Turn on the card finder device
  2. Open the “Find MY” APP┬á that comes with the Apple device,and add the card finder device
  3. The item is named and started to use

card locator application finder

What is a card tracker?

You can search and locate lost items, people, etc. through the Apple mobile APP. For example, when traveling, you can put this card in your travel bag or wallet. If your travel bag or wallet is lost, you can directly locate your lost items through your mobile Apple phone┬á APP. If the item is placed in a child’s school bag or pocket, if the child is missing, you can locate the child with one click. This is a very convenient card finder tool.

What is Card locator

Can gps tracker work without sim card?

The card locator can work without sim card . It don’t need the sim card . Because the Card Anti-lost locator have series number.

Only add it to your Apple phone APP. Once your iten lost , only open your Apple phone APP can find it .

How do I put a tracker on my wallet?

The card size is same with your bank card , you can put it in your wallet very well.

Wallet tracker

Is there a wallet tracker?

Yes , the one card tracker is very good design for your wallet tracker.

What is the app that finds your wallet?

Apple APP
card locator
card locator
card locator

card locator
No need any card APP, your Apple mobile come with the “find my “app . Only open it, then you can track your item easy.

What is best wallet locator?

The wallter locator is best card tracker , it can work 6 monthes once charging full. No need any APP . Ultra-thin and easy to carryŃÇé

What is the app that finds your wallet?

It is Apple with find my APP

wallet finder

What is a card tracker?

wallet finder.

A card tracker is a small electronic device that connects to a user’s smartphone via wireless technology to help users track the location of their wallets, luggage or various lost items. Designed to be as large as a bank card, the cards are popular for their portability and ease of use, especially for those who tend to lose their wallets or forget where they put them. The card tracker is a very useful gadget that allows users to find their wallets remotely, thereby improving the efficiency of personal item management. Moreover, if someone picks up the wallet, it is difficult to know that there is a wallet finder hidden inside. It provides us with fast time to accurately locate the wallet. ,