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DIY WIFI box camera insert bag

  • Key benefits
    • Built-in microphone / audio video recording
    • Built-in WIFI
    • View remotely
    • Power for mobile phones/laptops
    • Built-in battery


    • Unannounced visit
    • Admission Key Evidence


DIY WIFI box camera insert bag

pinhole camera diy


  1. WIFI Box DIY camera & charger function.
  2. Self-built hotspots require no data traffic and have a built-in lithium battery that can be used for 3 hours on a full charge.
  3. Short-distance transmission, no need to connect the USB of mobile phone to watch.
  4. If the DIY hidden camera kit gets network, then it can be viewed remotely by mobile phone app.
  5.  The lens connects with a Wi-Fi box through a DIY leather camera strap.


Product name:  Pinhole box camera

Resolution: 2MP

Len: 3.7mm

Battery capacity: 2000MAH

Standby time: 3 hours around.

Transmit mode: Wireless WIFI network.

diy leather camera strap


Step 1: Download the exclusive app”XJ_wifibox” For iPhone users, please scan the QR code or download it on the Apple APP store by searching “XJ_wifibox. For Android cellphone users, please scan the QR code to download, please don’t download from Google Play

Step 2: When using an endoscope, please keep pressing the power on button box for 3s, then the battery & wifi indication light will turn on.

Step 3:  After about 30, when the wifi indication turns green, please search for the wifi named “XJ_wifibox, and use your phone to connect it, the password is“88888888″(eight digitals) (Please note that the WIFI indication light turning red only means the Wi-Fi clip started to generate the wifi signal, after 30, the WIFI indicator will turn green, which means the wifi finished the generation process, the signal is stable and connectable).

Step 4: Click the coin of APP”XI_wifibox” on your phone, continue to click the device list, you will enter the main menu, and the live image will show on your screen.

Can you make a DIY camera?

As long as you have a DIY camera cardboard and a camera reflector, you can make a homemade pinhole camera DIY. If you don’t have a camera casing, you can wrap it with black electrical insulating tape and reserve the memory card and charging port, as shown in the picture below. It is a DIY hidden camera detector.

diy camera cardboard4g spy camera

Can we make a camera at home?

Yes, like camera bag insert DIY. You can hang a bag on the wall at home, and then put the DIY Camera box in the bag, only exposing the pinhole lens and half-covering it with the bag.

How do I turn my room into a pinhole camera?

If you want to hide a hidden camera in your home, you can choose a pinhole lens or a camouflage camera. This camera is also very convenient. You can place it in flower pots, ceilings, chandeliers, curtains, etc. In some darker environments, it is easier to hide. You can choose a 4G SPY camera, wireless glasses camera, wall clock camera, charging head camera, etc. These cameras are all camouflaged hidden cameras, which are difficult to detect when placed at home. Congratulations, we have these cameras. You can just click on the link to purchase or contact customer service.

Can I make a digital camera?

Yes, you can do it with any camera. Just buy the motherboard and camera wires directly and wrap them with insulating electrical tape.