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4G Fire alarm camera with GPS

Key benefits

  • 4G sim card GPS
  • Fire alarm
  • Two-way audio


  • Parking lot
  • Warehouse


  • Solar power optional


4G Fire alarm camera with GPS

4G Fire alarm camera

Fire camera Feature

Fire alarm camera build self-test indicator, Alarm indicator, IR led
H.265 Video compression, high image, low Code rate
Support remote monitor
Flame recognition 10 grade adjust, indoor/outdoor long use
Standard 30CM*30CM flame test distance 50M
Detect level 90 degrees, Vertical 75 degree
Support remote speaking, CMS software Linkage alarm
Support hikvision,dahua , jufen nvr to Linkage alarm
Expandable Temperature and humidity detection, Smoke sense Linkage alarm
Expandable WIFI, 3G 4G sim card, SMS alarm function
Support GPS Global Position
Recognition fire distance 30M

How do you tell if a fire alarm has a camera?

It’s very simple. If the fire detector has a camera, there should be a place where the lens is exposed from the appearance. Or you can check it through the Wired Fire alarm camera app. As long as the fire detector camera has a camera, the mobile phone APP can view the picture.

Can a camera be in a fire alarm?

Yes, the fire cameras motherboard has a built-in flame recognition algorithm. As long as a flame is detected, an alarm will be triggered, similar to the motion detection alarm function of the camera.

Can a cell phone detect a hidden camera?

Yes, close the windows and curtains in the room. Please turn on your mobile phone’s camera, and point it at the place you want to detect. If you find a red area, a hidden camera is installed.

About GPS function

4G GPS board

ICCID/IMEI/IMSI/SIGNAL Strength/this information is easy to understand and will not be described in detail.BAND shows the current communication frequency band, and the speed of different frequency bands will differ. CELLID/LAC is more useful information, showing the base station’s ID currently providing communication. This ID can parse the device’s location as an auxiliary positioning. The analysis of the area requires the help of third-party map data. Now the fire alert cameras only support Africa, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. American is developing now , like fire cameras northern California.