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GPS tracker for wallet,NFC optional

Key benefits

  • Ultra-thin and portable
  • Apple Find My app
  • Wireless charging
  • Global position
  • NFC Optional ( add additional 10 USD)


  • Luggage
  • Baggage tracking
  • Wallet
  • Travel bag

Dealer cooperation

  • If you are buying in bulk, custom LOGO is also supported.


GPS tracker for wallet

gps tracker for wallet

GPS tracking wallet Feature

  1. Works with the Apple Find MyApp, when you receive the GPS tracker for wallet, then add it by Find My App, search automatically.
  2. Alarm in 20-50M distance, if indoor, then 20M around distance, if outdoor, it can alarm in 50m around.
  3. All the world’s Global Position, no distance limit. If the wallet GPS tracker is with NFC, then it can display your contact way like a telephone number when others pick it up.
  4. Wireless charge like your mobile phone.
  5. No need sim card, no need for WIFI.
  6. Waterproof and durable, IPx 5 waterproof, meets daily waterproof needs, not afraid of splashing, rainy travel, safe and assured use
  7.  The GPS tracking device for the wallet is the same as the bank Card

GPS tracker wallet Specification

Product name: GPS tracking for wallet

Powered supply: wireless charge

Standby time: 4-6 months

Scope of Application: Wallets/ID tags/Handbags/Shoulder bags/Luggage/Strollers

Charge time: 1 hour around

Position distance: Global Position System no distance limit.

Can you track the location of a wallet?

Yes, wallets with GPS tracking can track any item by the Find My app, only you put the item together with GPS trackers, then you can track even your item lost in any corner all the world.

Do they make trackable wallets?

Yes, so easy, only the wallet built in the gps tracker keys wallet, then it is a completely trackable wallet, luckily, we had so product as the following picture. It is a wallet with a GPS tracker

trackable wallets

What is the best-hidden GPS tracker?

Depends on how you use it, if you want to use it professionally, then you need to buy a professional GPS Tracker. If you want to use it in daily life, then this one is completely suitable and convenient to use. Of course, it also depends on what items you are tracking, such as a wallet. Of course, the one you see now is the best. If tracking your keys, pets or travel bags, you buy a keychain tracker, which is the best.

What is the difference between a GPS logger and a GPS tracker?

GPS logger has more detailed. GPS logger has more detailed path information, such as the time an item stays on the path, the time of each segment of the path, and the location range of the path is required to be smaller.

gps wallet tracking