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Best key keychain GPS tracker IntelligentAnti-Lost Locator


Key benefits

  • keychain locator
  • Apple find my APP
  • 6 months standby
  • Tracking remotely


  • Car Home key
  • Baggage tracking
  • Travel bag

Dealer cooperation

  • If you are buying in bulk, custom LOGO is also supported.


Best Apple key keychain GPS tracker Intelligent Anti-Lost Locator

keychain tracker
keychain tracker

Keychain tracker Feature

  1.  The keychain tracker finds things easily and says goodbye to losing things.
  2.  Apple official the find my APP. Official certification can be found.
  3.  High-speed Precision Positioning. Unlimited distance, no need to download other software for real-time positioning and tracking of the location of lost items.
  4.  A small body with a lot to offer. Simple and lightweight, easy to carry.
  5.  “Use the “Find” app that comes with your Apple device. Just connect the anti-lost locator wirelessly, which is safer and more convenient.”No need to download the GPS APP.
  6.  Sound reminder. One-click call device. Open the “Find” APP, click PlaySound and the device will sound a reminder to easily retrieve items.

key tracker Specification

Product name: Apple IntelligentAnti-Lost key Locator/tracker.

App: Apple find my app.

Function: Find\Location\Navigation.

Material: ABS plastic.

Power: Recharge

tracking tags for keys

What is MFi certification?

Apple MFi Certification is an Apple license mark for its accessories. The English abbreviation is “Madeforios”. Your iOS device may be damaged
if you use non-MFi-certified accessories. Official certification can be found UPC/EAN code checked on Apple’s website, for example, MFiexclusive IDcard: 582403-945066. Another newest arrival wallet locator tracker is also function.

How long do keyring trackers work?

Under normal circumstances, the keychain GPS tracker can have 4-6 months extra long standby time after a full charge.

What is the best key tracker?

The best GPS keychain tracker depends on your needs. For example, the Apple key tracker you are looking at now uses Apple’s official Find My APP. This is safe. After all, it is not a private keychain tracker APP. However, this model is only available for Apple phones, and it is inconvenient to use on Android phones. The standby time of this key tag tracker is super long. When using other trackers, the key tracking system APP is not secure and the standby time is short.

How to track lost car keys?

You can find lost items through the official FIND MY APP on Apple mobile phones. The key GPS tracker can find your lost items safely, accurately, and quickly.

Can you track a key fob?

Yes, as long as your key is hung with this keychain tracker, you can quickly and accurately find your fob key