4G night vision spy camera with audio

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Key benefits

  • Live stream by APP / PC
  • 4G network
  • Night vision
  • 940nm invisible IR led


  • Undercover Investigation
  • Outdoor shooting


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4G night vision spy camera with audio

night vision spy camera

4g micro sim card HD digital video recorder network supply night vision spy camera connection
4G LTE network supply, no need to worry about slow network or poor wifi coverage.
Turn on 4g mode, insert a micro sim card, remotely connect the camera to the phone, and remotely monitor through the phone.
4g function mini HD digital video recorder
Support 2MP AHD/TVI/CVI cameras. Does not support WiFi hotspot connection

Spy camera with audio and night vision Feature

  1. 940nm invisible IR led
  2. 4G network live streaming by PC and mobile APP
  3. Built-in audio, you can listen to the sound of the scene remotely through your mobile phone or computer
  4. The spy camera has a built-in battery, so you can carry it with you when working outdoors.
  5. The video is saved in the SD card and can be played offline or online.

4G MINI DVR Feature

4G-DVR is a mini video recorder that supports AHD/TVI/CVI best hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision (up to 1080P) and makes a small surveillance system;
It supports a 128 GB TF card not included;
Local and remote monitoring for mobile phones and computers;
Ultra-mini size;
1080P, 30 frames per second, full real-time smooth HD monitoring;
H. 265 video decoding and encoding, clearer picture, less storage space, low bit rate, smoother remote video;
WiFi remote real-time monitoring, playback, and downloading of videos;
Does not support WIFI hotspot connection;
Supports AHD/TVI/CVI mini spy camera with audio and night vision, PAL/NTSC;
Built-in large-capacity battery;
With mobile applications and computer client software;
Advanced encryption technology and independent passwords to ensure the security of monitoring data;
Support standard of VIF protocol and RTSP protocol 4g;

Spy camera for night vision specification

Sensor: sony323

Resolution: 1920*1080P

Len size: 1/2.7

Cable length: 1M

Image format: MJPG 1080P 30fps

Power supply: 5V

Camera size: 15mm*`19mm

USB port: USN 2.0

System: WinXP/WIN7/WIN8/LINUX / Android

4G MINI DVR kit specification

Model: 4G HD Digital Video Recorder
Processor System Linux
Default Video Encoding and Decoding: H.265,
Video Input AHD/TVI/CVI, 720P/1080P, PAL/NSTC
Fully Automatic Identification”
Video: 1920*1080 or 1280*720
Video Rate” optional;
Compression Format: H.265
Video Frame Rate 30 fps/25 fps
Video Recording Resolution 1080P/720P, Default Mainstream Recording, Optional.
Audio Encoding and Decoding G711A
Memory Card Up to 256GB Not Included
Video Motion Detection Support, Trigger Recording for 2 Minutes
On-VIF Support
RTSP Support

What camera can I use to see in total darkness?

This hidden outdoor security cameras with night vision is suitable for night shooting, and its infrared light is non-luminous, invisible to the naked eye, and infrared light outdoor spy camera with audio and night vision.

Can spy cameras see in the dark?

This depends on whether the spy camera has an infrared light. If there is no infrared light, then it is impossible to shoot in the night. If it has an infrared light, it can shoot at night. For example, the spy camera with audio and night vision wifi is introduced now.

What does a night vision camera look like in the dark?

The hidden nanny cam we introduce is an invisible infrared light spy camera. It will not emit light at night and will not be discovered due to the light.

How far can night vision cameras see?

Depends on the number and wavelength of infrared lights. Under normal circumstances, the night vision distance of a night vision spy camera can reach about 10M