Parking lot barrier LPR camera recognition Vehicle management all-in-one machine

Key benefits

  • Built-in plate recognition CNN algorithm
  • Support VIP / Black-&Whitelist management
  • Support open and closing gate
  • Support Local languages of some countries
  • Support parking lot payment system


  • Parking lot barrier gate plate number recognition


  • 4G sim card / WIFI / WIRE optional


Parking lot barrier LPR camera recognition datasheet

Parking lot barrier Camera with Artificial Intelligence, vehicle recognition, parking lot barrier gate and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on board for identification of all types of plates including the new Mercosul plate. The solution is fully integrated and can work in standalone mode, without the need for additional PCs and software.
This solution was developed especially for parking lots.
Unattended management of parking lot access and license plate recording


• The transmission adopts a non-constant speed double dead center four-bar linkage mechanism. Adopts group spring balancing mechanism. It adopts the dual combination of a Hall limiter and a structural limiter. Adopt transmission balance design. Pure copper motor and high-precision turbine gearbox. The speed can be changed between 3.0 and 6.0 seconds. (3 seconds for a straight pole within 4 meters, 6 seconds for over 4 meters);

• The limit is clear, and a magnet non-contact limit is used to adjust the horizontal and vertical positions. (forward and counterclockwise) all control circuits support fire interface;

• Ten thousand hours of luminous fill light, outdoor high-brightness LED. Universal voice broadcast;

• LCD Huaxia 4 million high-definition camera zoom camera. Special mold. Waterproof, dustproof, and moisture-proof. (optional);

• The chassis is made of 2.0 high-quality cold steel, and some key structural components are made of no less than 4.0. The transmission parts are made of CNC-processed structural parts, eliminating the use of cast structural parts;

• Pay with WeChat, Alipay, cloud platform, etc. (license plate control description: 1. Adopts a flexible software camera device that supports multi-dimensional spatial angle linkage adjustment, effectively solving the problem of accurate identification of vehicles coming from various angles in engineering applications, sun protection, waterproof and dustproof . 2 Adopt a unique camera technology in which the parking lot barrier camera lens is parallel to the lens to effectively solve the identification errors caused by the refraction imaging of the backlight lens at night. Description of the road gate control: 1. Adopt a planar four-link non-constant velocity mechanism device. Ensure that the brake lever is independent of the electronic control during the starting and stopping process to achieve the purpose of deceleration. The 2-group balance structure ensures that the balance torque changes related to the brake lever during the take-off and landing process.);

License plate recognition barrier machine

Type Item Parameter

& Inteligence

Recognition rate > 99%, Time < 0.1s
Max. Speed 150km/h Max.
Type of plate Brasil e Mercosul
Vehicle detection Virtual Trigger Line, Physical Inductive Loop, Combo
Max. Capture distance 40m (Max.)
Direction Front, Rear, Both
Camera Image sensor CMOS 1/2,7”
Lens Motorized varifocal lens 2.7-13.5mm with IR correction
Shutter speed 1/100~1/10000s
IR light 4 LED IR light with 1W each.
Video Resolution 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, CIF
Video compression H.264 / MJPEG
Transmission band 384Kbps~8Mbps
Frame Rate 30FPS
Streams Main Stream and Sub. stream
Functions Redundencia transmission 2 server simultaneously
Re-transmission Yes
Black List 10K registor
Communication Security Support Encrypt with CA certificates
Offline download Support offline charging function
Interface Network 1 Network interface 10/100Mbps, RJ45
Serial Port 2 x RS485
Alarm In 2 x Alarm In
Alarm Out 2 x Alarm Out
Reset button Yes
Storage Micro-SD  Max. 128GB
USB 1 interface USB Type A
GeneraI Power Without IR <4W, With IR on < 9W
Working envirment -30 a +75oC, e RH 95%
Protection IP66, IK10 (Optional)
Power supply 90-220V AC, 12V DC, or POE (IEEE802.3af, 802.3at)
Weight 1.8Kg
Size (mm) 443×146×105

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How to raise a parking lot barrier am?

It is unattended and the ground sensor automatically turns on parking lot barrier gate