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Pinhole mini DIY WIFI camera

  • Key benefits
    • Built-in microphone / audio video recording
    • Built-in WIFI
    • View remotely
    • Power for mobile phones/laptops


    • Unannounced visit
    • Admission Key Evidence


DIY WIFI camera datasheet

Product Name: WIFI Pinhole mini WIFI Camera DIY 

Len: 3.7mm

Resolution: 1080P

Angle: 90 degree

Video storage: 128GB SD card ( 10 days around)

omemade diy pinhole camera

How to make a DIY camera

  1. You can buy camera len as follow from us

DIY Camera len

2.  We also have diy camera cardboard as follow

diy camera cardboard

3. These DIY cameras can hold different diy camera box, like clocks, boxes, power banks, and so on.

How to charge a DIY camera spy?

DIY Camera is usually charged by a USB adaptor. Of course, a pinhole camera DIY can also have in battery.