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4G WIFI PIR pinhole 5MP 8MP 4K IP hidden camera with AC output

Key benefits

  • Built-in AC to DC converter
  • Built-in 4G sim card slot
  • 940nm invisible light it led
  • 3.7mm pinhole lens
  • 5MP / 8MP /4K


  • Family property security
  • Monitor nanny


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • LOGO


PIR Camera

4G WIFI PIR Camera with AC 220V power


* High sensitivity, high signal noise CMOS image PIR camera SONY sensor.
* Using Haisi 3518E processing chip.
* The highest pixel is up to 8MP.
* Support ONVIF protocol.
* Support alarm pictures to send E-Mail (alarm can be achieved with three images).
* support alarm picture upload FTP server.
* Support regular capture of pictures to the FTP server.
* support for static IP, also supports dynamic IP (DHCP).
* Support for P2P plug-and-play.
* Support IE, Google, and Firefox browsers.
* Support up to 6 users at the same time browsing (each stream supports 3 users).
* Provide motion detection (area, sensitivity can be set) alarm function.
* Support 10M / 100M network adaptive.
* Support UPNP automatic port mapping.


Product name: PIR Hidden Cameras

Lens: 3.7mm pinhole len

Resolution: 8MP 5MP 4K

Network:4G / WIFI

IR LED; 940nm invisible night vision led

Powered: AC110-240V

PIR camera setting

  1. Open the camera back cover and insert a 4g sim card
  2. Connect the camera with AC 220V
  3. Open the Mobile APP, select the WIFI hotspot of the camera, click add device, then add successfully.
  4. If not find a WIFI hotspot, then press the camera reset button, then copy the above steps.

PIR Camera setting

What does pir mean on a camera?

The PIR on camera meaning is so. Due to the rapid development of today’s cameras, battery cameras are becoming more and more popular, and battery cameras have high requirements for standby life. Therefore, to save power for the camera, a PIR sensor is connected to the camera. As long as the human body or object moves, the camera will wake up and start recording. If there are no moving targets at the scene, the camera enters a sleep state, which saves a lot of power consumption and extends the battery life.

What’s the difference between a PIR and a motion sensor?

The human body or object sensor is part of the control circuit. For a low-power camera, this PIR sensor is a hardware part of the low-power camera. Motion detection is a program of the camera software. It is not hardware. Motion detection and alarm are implemented through software programs. The biggest difference between PIR and motion detection is that PIR is implemented through hardware, while motion detection is implemented through software.

PIR hidden Camera

What is a PIR used for?

PIR sensors are generally used on battery-powered cameras. Only batteries have power supply requirements, so PIR sensors are used, like the PIR sensitivity trail camera. This kind of PIR sensor camera does not record continuously. It will only start recording when it detects a moving target. If you request Continuous and uninterrupted recording, then don’t choose such a camera.

What are the disadvantages of PIR motion sensors?

The disadvantage of the PIR sensor is that it records videos while moving, which is intermittent recording. Generally, a PIR sensor is installed on a solar cell camera. If you look at normal wired power supply cameras, they will not be equipped with such a PIR camera sensor.