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WiFi worn police body cameras with audio video recording night vision

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built-in SD card
  • Magnetic adsorption, back clip installation
  • View remotely


  • DV sport recording
  • Meet recording
  • Police law enforcement´╝î etc.


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • CameraÔÇÖs LOGO


WiFi body-worn spy camera with audio video recording night vision

personal body camera datasheet

Lingtong 1235 master control + GC1054 sensor police body cameras
Built-in 400mAh battery
Video format: AVI (1920*1080p)
Recording bit rate: WAV (512KBPS)
Built-in MIC: (all-around capacitor MIC)
Video working time: 4-5 hours
TF card: standard without card (maximum support 64Gb)
Single color box size: 10.5*10.5*4CM, about 0.062kg
Outer box size: 54.5*41.5*43.5cm
Box gauge: 200pcs per box
Net weight: 12.4kg
Gross weight: 13.4kg

police body cameras


What is the purpose of body-worn cameras?

The purpose of body cameras has traffic duty, meeting records, property duty, sports records, driving records, classroom learning, motorcycle riding, food delivery, home monitoring, etc.

Are body-worn cameras good?

Yes, police body cameras have the following benefits´╝Ü

1. Protect your safety anytime, anywhere´╝Ť

2. During business negotiations, record important negotiation content´╝Ť

3. When dealing with disputes, necessary evidence can be recorded at any time´╝Ť

4. When performing tasks, the command center can control the situation at any time and anywhere, etc.

How long is body-worn camera footage kept?

The police body cameras can record for 4-5 hours around video recording.

The body cameras police can record for 7 hours around audio recording

How do you wear a body camera?

The police body camera can be clipped to folders, collars, chests, bags, etc.

How can you hide a body camera?

The security body camera is not a hidden body camera. If you want a hidden body camera, you choose the 4g shirt button spy camera 

Body WIFI Camera Description

Professional body police camera, record law enforcement scene in all directions!

We are proud to introduce a professional grade Body Police Camera, providing law enforcement officers with an easy law enforcement monitoring experience. Whether it is maintaining law and order or performing law enforcement tasks, our products will become your most reliable photographer.

First, our cameras have built-in microphones for high-quality audio recording. Whether recording important conversations or capturing live audio information, our body police cameras capture every detail accurately. You will get real and clear audio evidence to support the investigation of the case.

Secondly, our Body police camera has a unique design, equipped with a strong magnetic suction cup, which can be easily adsorbed on metal guardrails, utility poles, windows and other surfaces. This installation-free fixing method allows you to easily install it in different locations to obtain a full range of monitoring perspectives. Whether you are on patrol or performing missions, you can record important images anytime and anywhere.

What’s more, our body police camera adopts wireless transmission technology to ensure real-time monitoring. By connecting your mobile device or base station, you can observe the monitoring screen in real time and understand the situation on site. This efficient wireless transmission enables you to make quick decisions and collaborate with your team in real time.

We are committed to providing law enforcement officers with the most advanced technology and reliable products to improve law enforcement efficiency and safety. Whether it is public safety or daily law enforcement, our professional Body Police Camera will be your right-hand man.

Choose our police body cameras, so that you can always take the initiative in the law enforcement process and speak out for justice!