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Power bank recorder

Key benefits

  • Built-in 2500MA battery
  • Built-in microphone/audio recording
  • Built-in 32GB SD card
  • Extra-long recording of 300 hours
  • Record while charging
  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • Support mobile phone OTG
  • With magnets, easy to install in door frames, windows


  • Meeting Minutes
  • Trade Secret Records
  • Investigation and evidence collection


  • LOGO custom
  • SD card storage capacity custom


Power Bank Recorder Parameter

Power bank recorder Capacity: 32GB
Design features: thin and light
Recording format: WAV
Recording time: 300 hours
Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV
External headphones: external stereo headphones
Built-in battery: high-quality environmentally friendly lithium battery
Connection method: USB2.0

Power Bank recording

Charger Recorder Description

The Charger Recorder allows you to not only charge your mobile phone and other devices anytime, anywhere but also conveniently record important moments in your life. This innovative portable device combines a power bank and a high-quality voice recording. It is light and easy to carry and has a long standby time to capture wonderful moments and keep the device fully charged. Whether it is meetings, lectures, interviews, investigation and evidence collection, business secret acquisition, or inspiration during travel, the power bank recording device provides you with a convenient solution to help you record every precious moment.