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Real smoke detector alarm ptz with wifi camera

Key benefits

  • 2MP
  • Two-way audio
  • Auto tracking Rotation
  • Face detection
  • Smoke detection alarm


  • Home , Courtyard, Warehouse ……


  • 4G sim card / WIFI  optional
  • Solar-powered / DC12V optional


Real smoke detector alarm bulb IP PTZ camera with wifi audio camera

Smoke detector alarm two-way audio auto-tracking bulb light wifi PTZ camera

smoke detector camera

smoke alarm camera

smoke detectors camera

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Wireless smoke detector camera specification

Product Name Smoke detector camera
Main Chip AK3918EV200
Sensor GC104
Resolution 1280*1080
Detection alarm Motion detection alarm
COmpress format G.711A-Law
Storage Max 128GB sd card
Night day switch Color / Black white


Is there a smoke detector with a camera?

Yes, it is a real smoke detector camera with night vision

Do smoke detectors have WiFi?

Yes, it is WIFI or 4G optional. Once the smoke detector camera with audio finds smoke, your mobile can receive an alarm.

Do wireless camera detectors work?

Yes, it is a bulb light, a real smoke detector, and a wifi PTZ camera 3 in 1.

Is there a real camera detector?

Yes, The smoke detector camera with Wi-Fi built-in smoke detection sensor.

How can you tell if a smoke detector is a hidden camera?

In the smoke invisible cameras on the market, if you look carefully, you will find that there is a lens, especially the small hole in the smoke detector. But the smoke detector cameras are not hidden cameras.

Can smoke be detected by a camera?

Yes,  a smoke detector security camera is very easy, only build in the smoke sensor. Everything is ok.

What is the cost of a fire detection camera?

The one is a smoke detector alarm security camera, if you need a fire detection camera, then it is another as follows.

Real smoke detector with wifi camera

Want to keep your home or business safe? Now there is a perfect solution – our proud smoke alarm camera. This is a real smoke alarm system that can detect potential fire risks in time, turn on the mobile phone to remotely check the fire situation, and take quick action.

First, let’s talk about its excellent smoke alarm function. This smoke alarm camera is equipped with an advanced smoke sensor that can accurately detect the presence of smoke. Once smoke is detected, it will immediately trigger the alarm system, sounds a strong siren, and at the same time, the mobile phone will receive an alarm text message, reminding you to take quick action and ensure the safety of personnel. No matter where you are, you can remotely monitor and receive alarm information through the mobile application to ensure that you always know the security situation of your home or office.

In addition, this smoke alarm camera has an amazing function: it can act as a light bulb at night. It has built-in high-brightness LED bulbs, which can provide you with bright lighting, whether it is for your night safety or simply for lighting needs. You can adjust the brightness and color of the lighting as needed, ensuring your environment is always visible.

Our smoke alarm cameras stand out for their professionalism and superior functionality. Whether you want to protect your home or business premises, it is your most reliable choice. Not only can it provide a real smoke alarm function, receive alarm text messages remotely, and detect potential dangers in time, it can also act as a high-brightness light bulb at night to meet your multiple needs.

Buy our real smoke detector with wifi camera now, so that your family, shopping malls property and life safety can be more comprehensively protected!

Fire Flame recognition detection camera

The Fire Flame recognition detection camera price is 999USD