4G WIFI shirt button camera with battery audio

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built 4G sim card / SD card
  • Shirt buttons shape the camera
  • View remotely


  • Unannounced visit
  • Admission Key Evidence


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • The camera’s shape optional


Shirt button camera specification

Product name: shirt button spy camera

Spy camera sensor: sony323

Shirt button camera resolution: 1920*1080

Audio: Built-in microphone

Hidden camera size: 15mm*15mm

Video storage: 128GB SD card

4G band: USA: B2,B4,B5,B12,B17; Europe: B1,B3,B7,B8,B28,B38,B39,B40,B41