Professional DC12V solar power for surveillance camera systems.

Key benefits

  • Built in battery 30AH / 40AH / 60AH
  • DC12V solar powered system for cctv camera
  • With solar control
  • With Solar system bracket
  • Fashionable and beautiful appearance design


  • Powered For CCTV Camera
  • Field without electricity


  • DC 5V / DC12V / DC 24V / DC 48V optional
  • 60W 30AH / 60W 60AH / 120w 80AH …….


DC12v solar energy power battery for camera systems

The solar panel battery DC12V power for solar powered security camera no wifi and solar street light.

Solar system for CCTV Camera

solar power for camera systems Specifications are as follows

60W 30AH DC12V

60W 40AH DC12V

120W 60AH DC12V / 24V

150W 80AH DC12V / 24V

200W 120AH DC12V / 24V

300W / 400W /500W……

We can customize any of your requested solar camera outdoor systems, please contact us.

12v dc solar power system


Do I need a solar panel for each camera?

Not sure,12v solar panel for security camera depends on your solar-powered security camera’s required power and your solar panel system‘s power.

For example, your 4G camera is bullet 2mp IR LED, a 12v solar panel for security camera is 60W 40AH, then a solar energy system can power by 2 pcs 1080p 4g solar camera

Can a solar panel power a security camera?

Yes, the homemade solar panel system can power a solar-powered security camera with sim card. The only output voltage of the solar panel system is DC12V.

How to run CCTV camera on solar panel?

During the day, the solar panels convert sunlight into electricity, which then powers the 3g 4g surveillance camera. At the same time, the excess electricity is stored in the battery to provide power for the 3g/4g/5g cellular security cameras on rainy days without sunlight.

How many watts does a camera system use?

Battery Load Calculation Method

Voltage*Current=Power P=U*I

Voltage*Current*Time=Power Consumption W=U*I*T

Current * time = Ah (AH) (battery specification)

12V60AH battery power=AH (battery specification)*12V voltage

When customers inquire about solar power supply systems, they must first understand the power (voltage multiplied by current) required by the customer’s equipment, A device that calculates how much solar energy is needed based on the customer’s device power.

Example: A customer has a 4G bullet camera on standby for three days

One bullet

Voltage is 12V, current is 0.5A

The average power of the bolt: 12V*0.4A=4.8W

Then calculate the power consumption for 3 days: 3 days*6W*24 hours=345.6W/H

Battery power: 12V (voltage) * 30AH (specification) = 360W/H Next, we can calculate how many batteries we need: equipment power consumption (345.6WH) ÷ battery power (360WH) = 0.96 pieces

That is, this load needs a 30AH battery to meet the needs of the customer for three rainy days.