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8MP 4G 40X Zoom 300M night vision pan tilt sony 4K PTZ Camera

Key benefits

  • 4K 8MP SONY415
  • Two way audio
  • Auto tracking Rotation
  • Face detection
  • 40X optical zoom lens
  • 300M night vision distance
  • Support 4G sim card


  • Field, construction site, fish pond
  • Places with high night vision requirements


  • 4G sim card / WIFI / WIRE / POE  optional
  • Solar powered / DC12V optional


4K 8MP 4G two-way audio 36X optical Zoom 300M night vision PTZ Camera

The 4g Sony 4k PTZ camera can get 300M night vision distance with two-way audio and human detection alarm. It is a real 36X optical zoom PTZ camera.

4K 4G PTZ Camera

Sony 4k PTZ camera Features

  • IP66 Waterproof Metal Housing.
  • 7-inch mini PTZ
  • External 4G card,FDD:B1,B3,B7,B8,B20  TD:B38,B40,B41
  • Support three streams / Mobile monitor / PC view / Explorer view.
  • Support Various network protocol TCP/IP, HTTP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, ARP, IGMP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, and RTSP.
  • Support Manufacturer dynamic domain name and third-party dynamic domain name resolution
  • Support Alarm image push to email
  • Support alarm image upload to the FTP server
  • Support Timing capture image upload to the FTP server
  • Support Static IP, also supports dynamic IP (DHCP)
  • Support Plug and play
  • SupportIE ./ Google / Firefox browser
  • Support 12 user views at the same time
  • Support Motion detection (area, sensitivity settable) alarm function
  • Support UPNP automatic port mapping
  • Support Max 128GB SD card
  • Build in the Web server
  • SIZE: 295x295x410mm2PCS/CARTON

Sony 4k PTZ camera Specification

Image sensor 1/2.8″  CMOS   sony415
Minimum Illumination Color: 0.001Lux, B/W: 0.0001Lux,0 Lux with IR
Case Material Metal
Waterproof grade IP66
Audio Built-in microphone&speaker
Day night mode Auto ICR color to B/W
Focus 40X Zoom Lens
Max resolution 2MP/5MP/8MP  2952*1920P
Mainstream 5MP@15fps、4MP@20fps、3MP@25fps、1080P/720P/D1@30fps,
Sub-stream D1/VGA/640*360/CIF@30fps  支持 CBR/VBR
Video compression H.265、H.264
interface ONVIF、GB/T.28181
Storage support max 128G TF card
Power DC 12V/4A / POE optional
Consumption <18W
Working environment temp-20~60℃;humidity<90%
Protection IP66

PTZ Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Are PTZ cameras any good?

Yes, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras can be very useful in certain situations. They allow you to remotely control the direction and zoom of the camera, which can be incredibly helpful in areas where you need to monitor a large area or where you need to track a moving object or person. PTZ cameras are commonly used in security and surveillance applications, but can also be used for video conferencing, live streaming, and other applications, Like Sony pan tilt zoom 4K PTZ camera for live streaming.

What PTZ camera means?

PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. A PTZ camera is a type of camera that allows the user to remotely control the direction and zoom of the camera. The pan control allows the camera to move horizontally from left to right, while the tilt control allows it to move vertically from up to down. The zoom control allows the user to adjust the camera’s focal length, allowing them to zoom in or out on the subject being captured, like the PTZ camera 4k for church. PTZ cameras are commonly used in security and surveillance applications, but can also be used in video conferencing, live streaming, and other applications where remote control of the camera is necessary.

What is the maximum range of a PTZ camera?

The maximum range of a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera depends on many factors, such as the lens of the camera, the installation environment, the LED light of the camera, and the sensor on the main board of the camera, etc.

The farthest distance PTZ camera should choose infrared laser light, night vision infrared laser light can reach 300 meters, but ordinary infrared light can not reach such a distance. The motherboard uses a 4K 8MP sony415 sensor, and the lens uses a 40X optical zoom. 4k PTZ camera Sony 40x zoom like this, installed in the open field, the night vision can reach 300M, and the daytime can reach 1KM.

What is the difference between PTZ and IP cameras?

PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) and IP (Internet Protocol) cameras are two different types of surveillance cameras that serve different functions.

PTZ cameras are designed to provide remote control of the camera direction and zoom. They can pan horizontally from left to right, tilt vertically from up to down, and zoom in and out on a subject being captured. They are typically used in areas where you need to monitor a large area or track a moving object or person.

In contrast, IP cameras rely on digital technology to capture and transmit video data over an IP network. They are commonly used for surveillance, remote monitoring, and other security applications. IP cameras are usually fixed in one position, but their advanced features such as high-resolution imaging, wireless connectivity, and remote access through a smartphone or a web browser make them a versatile and important tool for surveillance and security.

Therefore, the main difference between PTZ and IP cameras is the way they provide surveillance coverage. PTZ cameras offer remote control of the camera’s movement, while IP cameras use network connectivity to transmit high-quality video to a central location. Both types of cameras have their place in security and surveillance applications, and the decision about which one to use depends on the specific requirements of each situation.

How to choose a PTZ camera?

Choosing the Best PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera can depend on several factors, such as the intended use, available budget, and required features. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing a PTZ camera:

1. Resolution: Consider the camera’s resolution as it affects the quality and clarity of the video feed. Look for cameras with at least 1080p resolution for the best results.

2. Zoom: Look for a camera with optical zoom rather than digital zoom. Optical zoom provides better image quality and detail, as it zooms in on the subject without degrading the image.

3. Pan and tilt range: Consider the range of movement of the camera. Look for a camera that has a wide pan and tilt range, as this will allow you to monitor a larger area.

4. Speed: Consider the speed of the camera’s movement. Look for cameras with fast pan and tilt speeds for tracking moving objects or people.

5. Low light capabilities: Consider the camera’s low light capabilities. Look for cameras with good low-light performance if you need to monitor areas with poor lighting conditions.

6. Network connectivity: Consider the camera’s network connectivity. Look for a camera that supports the network infrastructure you are using to connect it to the network.

7. Outdoor or indoor use: Consider whether the camera will be used indoors or outdoors. Look for cameras that are weather-resistant if they will be used outdoors.

8. Brand reputation: Consider the brand reputation and customer support when choosing a camera. Choose a reputable brand with good customer support.

By considering these factors and determining how they fit your specific needs, you can choose a PTZ camera that will provide reliable surveillance and meet your security goals, like the best Sony 4K PTZ camera.

Can a PTZ camera follow motion?

Yes, a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera can follow motion by using its automatic tracking feature. The 4k PTZ camera with auto tracking can be set to detect motion and then automatically follow it by panning, tilting, and zooming as necessary to keep the moving object or person in the center of the frame.

To enable automatic tracking, the camera usually requires a motion detection system, such as video analytics or motion sensors, to detect the moving object. Once the object is detected, the camera will track its movement using its motorized pan and tilt mechanism and will zoom in on the object to keep it in the center of the frame.

Automatic tracking is a popular feature in PTZ cameras and is commonly used in security and surveillance applications, such as monitoring the movement of people or vehicles in parking lots, warehouses, or shopping malls. It can simplify monitoring by allowing the camera to follow the action without the need for human intervention, saving time and improving efficiency.

How long should a PTZ camera last?

The lifespan of a PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) camera can vary depending on several factors such as the quality of the camera, environment, and level of usage. In general, a high-quality Best 4k pan tilt zoom camera installed in a suitable environment and subject to normal usage can last between five to ten years.

However, some factors can affect the lifespan of a PTZ camera. These include exposure to harsh weather conditions, excessive vibration, power surges, and poor maintenance practices. Exposure to these factors can lead to premature wear and tear, reduced performance, and lower overall lifespan.

To ensure the longest lifespan for a PTZ camera, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for installation, operation, and maintenance, including regular cleaning and inspection. It is also important to ensure that the camera is installed in an environment that is suitable for its specifications and to protect it from extreme temperatures, moisture, and other factors that can cause damage or interfere with its operation.

Sony 4K PTZ Camera

Introducing the SONY 4K PTZ camera with long-range night vision, revolutionizing your surveillance experience like never before. This camera adopts laser light and a high-definition chip to ensure excellent clarity and ultra-long night vision distance to meet all your monitoring needs.

🎥 1. 4K Sony HD Picture Quality: SONY PTZ camera’s superb 4K HD picture quality, immerse you in stunning details. Every frame is captured with lifelike color, clarity, and clarity, allowing you to see even the smallest details with incredible night-time clarity.

🔍 2. 40x optical zoom: No matter how far away, you will never miss a single detail. With an impressive 40x optical zoom, the camera can sharply focus on distant objects for enhanced surveillance over wide areas. During the day can reach 1KM distance monitoring

🌗 3. Laser IR Light, Night Vision Up to 300M: Experience unparalleled night vision capabilities with the built-in laser IR light of the SONY PTZ camera. It illuminates the darkest of environments, extending night vision to an impressive 300 meters. Please rest assured that even in complete darkness, the 300M is within your safe control as it is right in front of your eyes.

📶 4. 4G Network, Wireless, POE: SONY PTZ cameras provide flexible connection options to meet your needs. Seamlessly connect via 4G network for remote monitoring anytime, anywhere. Enjoy the freedom of wireless without the hassle of cables, or choose Power over Ethernet (PoE) for easy installation and setup.

💡Advanced Features: In addition to the core features, SONY 4K PTZ cameras are also equipped with a series of advanced features. It includes intelligent motion detection, humanoid detection, customizable presets, remote pan/tilt/zoom control, and compatibility with leading surveillance software for comprehensive management.

Upgrade your surveillance capabilities with a SONY 4K PTZ camera. Experience 4K high-definition night vision and enjoy incredible zoom capabilities, superior night vision, and a variety of connectivity options. Experience the future of surveillance technology now!