Spy camera with audio and night vision,Night vision pinhole camera,hidden pinhole camera

Key benefits

  • 2MP SONY323
  • Built in microphone
  • 3.7mm pinhole lens
  • 960nm invisible light


  • Home
  • Investigation


  • camera shape optional (according to your request)


AHD spy camera with audio and night vision 960nm invisible light IR night vision

spy camera with audio and night vision

hidden pinhole spy camera Specification

Resolution:  2MP SONY323

led: 960nm invisible light IR led

Len: 3.7mm pinhole lens

Explore the world of cutting-edge surveillance: Introducing the ultimate spy camera with audio and night vision!

Are you ready to delve into the realm of covert operations and unlock the true potential of surveillance technology? Look no further as we proudly present our latest innovation: Spy Camera with Audio and Night Vision! This state-of-the-art device features 940nm infrared lights, and non-luminous infrared lights for night vision. Capture key moments with extraordinary clarity, day or night.

Take advantage of the audio and video capabilities of our 960nm night vision non-illuminated for perfect covert performance. Whether you’re a concerned homeowner looking to monitor your property, a private investigator gathering evidence, recording important conversations or capturing audio evidence, or a curious individual eager to explore the world of covert surveillance, our equipment ensures that no sound goes unnoticed, so as to provide you with a full range of monitoring solutions.

Pinhole Camera Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a pinhole camera in the dark?

The high-definition pinhole camera with infrared light can be used in the dark, and the pinhole spy camera with audio generally uses 960nm invisible infrared light.

Why can’t some pinhole cameras take pictures in the dark?

Not all pinhole spy cameras can take pictures at night. For example, the 1080p hidden pinhole spy camera on this page can take pictures at night. As long as the pinhole camera DVR recorder is equipped with lights including infrared lights, laser lights, and white light lights, the pinhole video camera recorder can take pictures at night.

Do a spy camera with audio and night vision work without light?

If the night vision camera is with IR light, a pinhole CCTV camera with a mic can work without light.

Can a spy camera with audio and night vision work in total darkness?

Night vision devices rely on the amplification of available light, either from natural sources, such as stars and moonlight or from artificial sources, such as infrared illuminators. While night vision can enhance the user’s ability to see in low-light conditions, it may not work in total darkness.

If there is absolutely no light available, even night vision devices will not be able to generate an image. In such situations, thermal imagers can be used instead of night vision. Thermal imagers detect the heat signatures of objects and can create an image based on those thermal signatures, allowing the user to “see” in complete darkness.

It is important to note that some night vision devices rely on infrared illuminators, which essentially emit infrared light that is invisible to the human eye but visible to the night vision device. In this case, the device may appear to work in complete darkness, but it is actually using its own source of light.