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WIFI sun glasses with camera

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone/audio recording
  • Support live stream
  • Support WIFI


  • Home life recording
  • Outdoor travel recording …..


  • LOGO


sun glasses with camera

WIFI Sun glasses with a camera

Product name: sun glasses with camera
Model: MS33
Perspective: 90 degrees
Video coding: H.264
Video format: AVl
Photo pixel: 3840*2160800W
Gross weight: 197g
Net weight: 63.8g
Working Time: 2H
Pixel: 2K
Product function: video and take photos
Video resolution: 2048*1152
Photo format: JPG
Charging voltage: DC-5v
Interface: Micro USB
Product size:177*167* 46.5mm Battery: built-in lithium polymer battery
Accessories: glasses, manual, data cable, glasses cloth, zipper bag,
color box(optional transparent lens and yellow lens)

Live Streaming Glasses Cam Instruction Manual

Download and install APP

Scan the following glass camera QR code with your mobile phone, and select the IOS or Android version according
to the mobile system to download and install the APP.
APP name: XHY HD

1、Enable Wi-Fi on your phone, open the installed XHY HD APP, and follow the following

(1) Click “Add Device”
Open the eye glass video camera APP and click the + icon to add the device. Figure 1
Tap Connect wifi to connect your device hotspot. Figure 2

Turning on the device

Hold down the device’s power button for 3 seconds and the blue light will come on. The Blue
light flashes to enter and wait for connection mode.

Click on “Connect Device Hotspot”

Find (XV16-19-******) Connected Device hotspot in the phone WLAN list. Figure 3
Open the APP and click confirm to connect the device.

(3) Enter the live broadcast interface
After the device is successfully connected, go to the device list. Figure 5
Operation interface function description.

What are the glasses with cameras called?

A pair of normal glasses with a built-in micro camera and microphone. Some glass cameras have lenses that are visible to the naked eye, and some have invisible lenses. Glasses whose lenses are visible to the naked eye generally produce clear images; cameras whose lenses are invisible to the naked eye generally produce less clear images. The reason is that the invisible lens requires a very small lens and motherboard, so its network and sensor performance are limited and cannot achieve high definition.

Are camera glasses legal?

Whether the glasses camera is legal depends on how you use it. If you are trying to protect your legitimate rights and interests, then it is legal; if you are doing unfair and illegal activities for profit, it is illegal. Everything has two sides. There is no absolute bad or good, it just depends on how you use it.

Are there glasses that can take photos?

These glasses with camera live stream can take pictures, but it takes pictures through the mobile APP. When your mobile phone is connected to the glasses with camera and audio and then opens the mobile APP, you will see that there is a screenshot button in the mobile APP, which is to capture the current camera. screen picture.

Do camera glasses exist?

Yes, You can see three types of glasses cameras on my website, Bluetooth glasses cameras, wireless sports sun glasses with camera, and wireless lens glasses cameras.