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Smart GPS airtag mens trackable wallet

Key benefits

  • Anti-lost, anti-theft
  • Global Position
  • Wireless charging
  • Tracking remotely
  • Find My app position


  • Wallet Anti-lost, anti-theft

Dealer cooperation

  • If you are buying in bulk, custom LOGO is also supported.


Smart GPS airtag mens trackable wallet

gps trackable wallet

Trackable Wallet Feature

  1. Anti-lost. You can set a safe distance between the trackable wallet and you, such as 10M. Once this distance is exceeded, your phone and wallet will alarm
  2. Anti-theft. Power switch for the wallet, and perfect wireless charging. If the GPS trackable wallet is stolen, it will be difficult for the thief to discover that it is a airtag wallet. Then you can easily find the thief accurately through Apple’s Find My app. The GPS design of the wallet is relatively invisible. This gives you enough time to find your wallet.
  3.  High-quality leather material
  4.  Can carry your Cash, ID Credit Cards, business cards, etc.
  5.  Available in various patterns and colors
  6.  NFC / RFID blocking Let theft be stolen

GPS Wallet Specification

Product name: Trackable wallets

Material: genuine top-layer cow leather

Size: 11*9.5*1cm

Powered supply: Built-in battery

Charge: Wireless charge

App: Find my APP

Alarm Distance: 20-50m

Position Distance: Global Position

Charging Time: 1 hour

Standby Time: 4-6 months

Is there a tracker I can put in my wallet?

Yes, we recently produced a card-based GPS tracker. It’s the same size as a bank card and fits right into your wallet. You can prevent loss and theft, and easily track and locate it globally.

What is a trackable wallet?

The wallet has a built-in Apple air tag tracking locator for the card. Such wallets are more secure than card-tracking locators. Wallets are more discreet and less likely to be discovered. Card-type positioning trackers are easy to fall out and be lost or are discovered and thrown away by thieves.

Do smart wallets exist?

Yes, the one you are seeing now is a smart trackable wallet. It can open the door, prevent theft, and prevent loss and theft. Easily find your wallet with one click.