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WIFI wall clock spy camera with audio

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built-in WIFI
  • View remotely


  • Monitor the nanny
  • Admission Key Evidence


Wall clock spy camera

Just need a network and monitor, and your wifi wall clock spy camera can work anytime and anywhere! WiFi Clock IP Pinhole Spy hidden camera clock Mini DVR is magic and powerful and is quite beyond your imagination! It is a camera in a clock. As to this spy camera, it is in meticulous design based on highly advanced technology and reliable materials, so you can trustingly apply it to your actions. Besides, this camera clock supports a wireless connection, quite convenient to use. It is highly compatible with iOS and Android systems. For further performance, you might as well take a try of this item! Perfect hidden camera in a clock.

Wall clock spy camera specification

>Video Format: AVI

>Video Coding: M-JPEG

>Video Resolution: 1080P,720P,VGA,QVGA

>Video Frames: 30fps

>Shooting Angle: 110 degree

>Distance: 3-8 meters

>Antenna: 2.4G 802.11n WIFI Built-in Antenna

>Storage Support 64GB Micro SD Card

>Battery Type: Removable 2300mAh high capacity polymer battery, 6 hours battery life

>APP: MU CAM/IminiCam

>Support System: Windows,ISO, Android

>Charging Voltage: DC=5V

>Type of Interface: Micro USB

Package Contents

  1. Camera 1PC
  2. USB cable 1 PC
  3. Manual 1PC
  4. Adapter 1PC
  5. CD 1PC

hidden camera in a clock

How to set up a WIFI clock spy camera?

1. First download the APP and scan the QR code on the manual with your mobile phone.
2. Open the WIFI SSID of the phone, find the WIFI hotspot of the wall clock hidden camera, and then connect to the phone
3. Open the hidden camera wall clock APP and click Add Device. The hidden camera wall clock with audio will be automatically added to the mobile phone APP.
4. Through the hidden spy camera wall clock APP, you can view the picture, then click the settings function of the APP to change the device’s network to your local wireless network.
5. Complete installation of wall clock camera

How do you find a hidden camera on a clock?

First, observe the wall clock. If the clock is black, you should pay attention because it is easier to hide a camera in black.
Then, turn off all the lights in the room, turn on the camera mode on your phone, and aim it at the wall clock. If it turns red, it means there is a hidden spy camera.
Of course, you can also carry an anti-sneak camera detector with you. It can detect any wall clock spy camera.