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Apple Wallet tracker for credit card

Key benefits

  • Find My APP
  • No need sim card no need for Bluetooth. no need for a Wi-Fi network
  • Alarm in 20-50M distance
  • Global Position


  • Track a men’s wallet
  • Tracking Luggage


  • NFC / RFID
  • CameraÔÇÖs LOGO


wallet tracker card

Apple Wallet tracker card

Wallet GPS tracker Feature

  1.  Built-in Apple air tag chip main board as follows
  2.  The front and back of the card can be silk-printed with any pattern you want including your LOGO
  3.  The wallet tracking device size is the same as with the credit card
  4.  The Apple wallet tracker can alarm in 50M around once your wallet lost.
  5.  The tracking wallet device supports NFC / RFID custom,
  6.  Wireless fast charging

apple air tag chip

Wallet tracking system specification

Product name: Wallet tracker card

Position distance: Global Position, no distance limit

Alarm distance: 50M around

Standby Time: 6 months around

Charge time: 1 hour

Charging method´╝Ü wireless charge

Wallet tracker card app : Find My APP

Wallet tracking card size: same as credit card

Wallet tracker GPS Color´╝Ü Black / White optional

tracking device for wallet

Is it possible to put a tracker on a wallet?

Yes, this tracking device in wallet is specially designed for wallets. The tracker for wallet is the same size as your bank card and just as thin. The GPS tracker for wallet is placed in the wallet. If someone is not paying attention, it is difficult to find that it is the tracking device for wallet.

What does a tracker card do?

The wallet tracking system can locate items in real time, and the path of the items is displayed in real time. The GPS tracking device for wallet has no distance limit, is easy to carry, has a low cost of use, and does not require 4G traffic. The tracker card for wallet can be positioned through the Apple FIND MY APP.

How does a wallet tracker work?

The Find My Wallet tracker has a built-in Apple positioning chip. The chip of wallet tracking card has been certified by Apple. You need to pay a certification fee to apply for certification. Then the card tracker wallet can be tracked through the Apple APP FIND MY global positioning. It supports track a wallet and global positioning on any Apple phone

Does Apple make a tracker for wallets?

The chip of this apple wallet tracker was developed by Apple. Apple only produces official air tag keychain locators. Our company applied for certification from Apple for the wallet tracker card. After passing the certification, this card locator can be produced and sold normally.

gps tracker for wallet