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Best long range sony WIFI LPR security Camera 4G optional wireless ANPR cameras system


Best long-range sony WIFI LPR security Camera 4G optional wireless ANPR cameras system with software

The one is the Best 4G WIFI wireless camera mobile license plate capture system 1080p HD SONY LPR camera for law enforcement

It can also support mobile License Plate Recognition if the LPR camera system built-in battery. Mobile LPR camera systems can be put on a police car, then it is an LPR police camera


LPR camera specifications

Model GSIP-LPR01-2M
Resolution 1080P 2MP
Image¬†Sensor 1/2.8′ ¬†Color CMOS Sensor 1080P ,0. 001LUX,
TV Format PAL / NTSC
MIN Illumination 0. 001LUX
IR Distance 300M
Lens 6-22mm / 5-50mm (3MP HD LEN)
IR LED 6pcs IR Dot
WDR 120DB super WDR
Car speed Max 120KM / H
Video storage Max128GB TF SD card / HDD
Video Frame Rate 1920√ó1080@25fps;1920√ó1080@30fps
Alarm/ Audio Optional
Capture plate number Yes
Control Road channel 2 road channels same time
Remote view Mobile app and PC
Onvif Support
IRIS auto iris
ONVIF/GB28181 Support HKVISION, DAHUA, XM-EYE, World Famous NVR
SDK Supply SDK, Permit Customer  Second development
Video compressing H.264
Protection range IP66
POE Optional
Material Metal
Power 12V 2A / 3g 4g solar power battery optional
work Tem -35‚ĄÉ~60‚ĄÉ

Related questions

What is an LPR in cameraÔľü

LPR is an acronym for License Plate Recognition. LPR camera has a built-in algorithm for the license plate number of each country.LPR camera is used for road monitoring to capture vehicle license plate numbers. Some LPR cameras also support a reader (LPR reader camera)

How much does an LPR camera cost?

The price difference of LPR cameras on the market is indeed very large, ranging from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. Therefore, when purchasing, choose a license plate recognition camera that suits your needs. Let me analyze the price and corresponding functions of ANPR cameras on the market.

1.  This ANPR traffic camera is the cheapest, it does not support license plate number recognition and capture, but the main board of the ANPR security camera has a built-in wide dynamic range. This wide dynamic range is different from that of ordinary cameras. This ANPR IP camera can see the license plate at night. Obviously, the wide dynamic range of ordinary cameras can not achieve such an effect. The anpr camera cost is 89-99USD

2. This ANPR camera system can not only see the license plate number clearly but also capture and recognize the license plate number. This ANPR CCTV camera can browse the recognized license plate numbers on the computer client because it has built-in algorithms for license plate numbers from different countries in the world. So the ANPR camera for sale price is 499USD.

3.  This ANPR camera adds the function of radar to measure vehicle speed based on the second model. It can accurately measure the speed of the vehicle at a distance of 50M. The price is 899 USD.

readar lpr camera

4.  Based on the first model with wireless function, the price of a WIFI LPR CAMERA is 199USD

WIFI LPR camera

5.  Based on the first model plus 4G sim card function, the price of a 4G LPR CAMERA is 299USD

4G WIFI LPR Camera

6.  4G function is added based on the second model, the price of a 4G ANPR camera is 899USD

7.  The third model with solar and 4G, 4G solar reader LPR camera, the LPR Camera for sale price is 2555USD.

What camera is used for license plate recognition?

    If your family lives on the side of the road and you use it to monitor the vehicle license plate number for the safety of your home, then you can use the first cheap one above.
If you are using it next to the road, you can use the second paragraph above.