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wireless shirt button camera hidden body Spy camera for clothing

Key benefits

  • Built-in battery
  • Built-in microphone / audio recording
  • Built-in WIFI hotspot / SD card
  • Shirt buttons shape the camera
  • View remotely


  • Unannounced visit
  • Admission Key Evidence


  • 4G sim card / WIFI optional
  • Camera’s shape optional


The WIFI shirt button camera hidden body Spy camera for clothing

4K WIFI shirt button spy camera with mic and battery.

shirt button camera wireless

Wireless version shirt button spy camera for clothes builds in WIFI hotspot. The shirt button camera wireless is suitable for outdoor secret shooting, easy to carry and hide. The shirt button camera price is cheaper than the 4g shirt button camera

mini spy camera dvr

Spy button camera with audio/video recorder specification

Product name WIFI mini DVR kit
Sensor sony323
Resolution 1920*1080
Audio Built-in
Camera size 15*15mm
Len 3.7mm
Angle 90 degree
Line size 1M
Video storage 128GB SD card (10 days around)
Battery Built-in (working alone for 1-2 hours)


What is the price of a button Wi-Fi camera?

The wireless shirt button mini DVR spy camera price is 99USD /set including the shirt spy button camera and mini DVR with audio. If only wireless mini DVR, the mini DVR recorder price is 79USD/ pcs

Is button camera legal in India?

Whether it is legal or not can be generalized, it depends on whether you use it properly. If you use spy cams to protect your legal rights, then it is legal. If you are illegally taking pictures through a shirt-button spy camera and illegally obtaining the privacy of others, then it is illegal.

What is the price of a button camera in India?

Even Indian customers prefer cheap prices to good quality. But the shirt button camera price in India is the same as all over the world. Because it only has one grade quality. If your purchase quantity is big, you can send me an email to discuss the new price.

10 functions of the best shirt button spy camera

1. Take a photo: With the help of the button camera with audio, you can take a photo without the need for a separate camera. All you need to do is press the button on your shirt, and the button camera with audio video recording will capture the image.

2. Record a video: Similarly, you can use the wearable button camera to record videos without the need for a separate recording device. Just press the button and start recording.

3. Live streaming: If the shirt button spy camera is connected to the internet, you can use the button camera live stream to live stream videos and share your experiences with others in real time.

4. Security camera: You can use the shirt button camera 4k as a covert security camera to keep an eye on your surroundings and capture any unusual activities without drawing attention to yourself.

5. Sports recording: The shirt button camera can be used to capture action shots while playing sports, such as football, basketball, or tennis. This is a great way to improve your technique and analyze your gameplay.

6. Vlogging: If you’re a blogger or content creator, the shirt-hidden body camera with audio can be a great tool to capture footage on the go and create content without carrying heavy equipment.

7. Video conferencing: With the shirt button camera, you can participate in video conferences and virtual meetings without being tied to your computer or mobile device.

8. Time-lapse photography: The shirt button camera wireless can be used to capture time-lapse videos of landscapes, traffic, or other environments for creative purposes.

9. Ghost hunting: If you believe in the paranormal, you can use the shirt button camera to capture potential ghost sightings and investigate haunted locations.

10. Documentary filmmaking: The spy shirt button camera can be used to capture footage for documentary films, especially in situations where you need to remain inconspicuous and blend in with the environment.

Wireless Button Camera Introduce

Professional wireless button spy camera, a great tool for you to master intelligence!

We proudly present a wireless button spy camera that leads the trend of the times, providing you with an unprecedented covert surveillance experience. Whether it is daily security protection or special task requirements, our products will bring you reliable and safe professionalism.

First, our button spy cams are cleverly camouflaged on the buttons of your jackets, blending in perfectly with everyday wear without anyone noticing. This perfect concealment enables you to carry out surveillance operations calmly on any occasion without worrying about being discovered.

Secondly, the design of the built-in battery makes it more convenient for you to shoot outdoors. Not limited by the power supply, you can record important moments and capture precious images anytime, anywhere. Whether it’s outdoor adventures, party events, or important meetings, our products will be your effective photographers.

What’s more, our button spy camera adopts wireless network transmission technology to realize remote real-time monitoring. By connecting your mobile phone or computer, you can observe the monitoring screen in real-time, and you can grasp key information no matter where you are. This efficient remote monitoring function provides you with greater remote control command activities.

In addition to video surveillance, our products also have built-in microphones for live sound recording. Whether capturing important conversations or capturing live audio feeds, our button spy cameras are up to the task. You’ll gain more comprehensive intelligence to make informed decisions.

Whether it is personal security or commercial investigation, our professional wireless button spy camera will be your right-hand man. We are committed to providing the most advanced technology and high-quality products so that you can easily meet various challenges.

Choose our wireless button camera now, master the power of intelligence, and let the professional achieve your success!