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Top 3 spy camera glasses with audio

hidden camera glasses with audio

Top 3 hidden camera glasses

With the development of the AI era and the continuous advancement of virtual society, glasses will be the best carrier to carry the virtual world. Glasses are easy to carry and integrate listening, reading and viewing. In the future virtual society, glasses are an irreplaceable tool for both the real and virtual worlds. AI glasses have many application scenarios, such as 3D and 4D movies, future work meetings, navigation, intelligent control of home appliances, etc. The most important thing is the SPY GLASSES CAMERA we are introducing now. The future hidden camera glasses with audio is completely intelligent and can integrate listening, speaking and viewing. It carries its own 4G network and can remotely control the spy glasses camera.

I have been operating security cameras for decades, and I am also a security surveillance camera engineer. Now I will introduce the three most popular spyglass cameras on the market. I am familiar with these three models and have tested them. They have been sold to me. of many customers, they also have feedback.

Top 3

Bluetooth camera glasses

eye glass video camera

The biggest core of this glass camera is that it has Bluetooth, glasses and camera can make calls and listen to music. During outdoor sports, it is very convenient for self-media people to take pictures and record wonderful moments outdoors.

Product Name: Bluetooth camera glasses
Bluetooth version: V5.0
Transmission distance: Teutdoorsragtiedstanceis15-20meers
Battery capacity: Polymer lithium battery 400mA
Talk time: 48hours
Charging time: 1-2hours
Speaker: listen to music
Function: Answer and make call
Power supply: 5V USB
Resolution: 2K / 4K

Clear Image, big len, HD resolution

You have to view video or images by PC, you need to connect glasses with the PC, then video data moves to the computer.

Outdoor sport
Listen to music
Meet recording


Wireless sports glasses

glasses with video camera

The biggest highlight of this glass camera is the wireless transmission of pictures and videos. You can watch the pictures remotely through the mobile APP and listen to the live sound. The picture is also very clear and can reach 4K. You can read the text on the picture and the content of the exam is completely clear.

Product name: Sport wireless glasses camera
Resolution: 2k/4k
Glasses lens: sunglasses
Camera lens: big lens
Audio: built-in microphone
Network: WIFI/ Wireless
Power supply: DC5V USB

The image is clear.
Glasses lens is with sunglasses

Len is visible

Outdoor shooting
Meet recording


WIFI hidden glasses camera

glasses camera

The advantage of this spy wifi glasses camera is that its lens is invisible and has a built-in microphone. Normal photography cannot be discovered by people at all. The hidden camera glasses is a very good tool for secret visits and evidence collection.

Product name: WiFi Live Streaming Glasses Video Camera
Product Size: 148.5L*154W*46H
image sensor: CMOS
Video resolution: FHD1080P@21ps
USB port: Micro USB
Battery: Built-in lithium 380mAh
Power: DC 5.0V/500mA
Lens: 70 degree
Extended function: WFi wireless communication
Memory: MicroSD card(Upto64G max
Weight: 42.3g
Working time: 60 min max
WIFI remote view by APP, live stream
Len is invisible

The image is not very clear, but it is suited for long-distance shooting

Undercover visits, investigation, and evidence collection
Some simple practical exam cheating

All in all, eyeglass cameras have revolutionized the way we capture and share our experiences. Whether you are a thrill seeker, a social media influencer, an amateur photographer, or an undercover investigator, there is an eyeglass camera to meet your needs with these three eyeglass cameras. From the Bluetooth technology of Bluetooth glasses cameras to the fashion of sports wireless glasses cameras and, the professional-grade performance of spy wifi glasses cameras, these top three glass cameras of 2024 provide different aspects of help to those who need it.



How much are camera glasses?

This depends on your needs. Where do you need the glasses camera to be used? If it is used for secret visits, candid photography, and evidence collection, then these spy camera glasses are generally more than 100 US dollars. If it is a simple outdoor sports shooting, this type is very cheap. The cheapest price is usually a few tens of dollars.

Are camera glasses legal?

Every country is different, and each country’s culture, laws, and policies are different. Some countries consider this illegal. For example, guns and ammunition are legal in the United States, but illegal in China.

How long can spy glasses record?

Under normal circumstances, after the spy camera glasses work for about an hour, the battery needs to be replaced. In terms of how long it takes to record on a memory card, generally, a 128GB memory card can record for 200 hours.



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