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What-is-my-private-ip ?

There are several ways to find a private IP address:

1. Check your local network settings: On most operating systems, you can check your network settings or network configuration panel to get your local IP address. For example, on Windows, you can open a command prompt and enter the “ipconfig” command, or view connection details in the Network and Sharing Center. On macOS, you can find the IP address in the Network section of System Preferences.

2. Using command line tools: You can use command line tools to get your IP address. On Windows, use the “ipconfig” command or the “ipconfig /all” command for details. On macOS or Linux, you can use the “ifconfig” command or the “ip addr show” command to view the IP address.

3. Use online tools: There are many online tools that can help you find your IP address. You can search for “what is my IP” or “IP address lookup” in your browser, then choose one of these tools, and you will be able to see your public IP address on a web page.

It should be noted that the above method can only find your public IP address, but cannot obtain other people’s private IP addresses. Private IP addresses are used within your local area network (such as your home network or office network) and are not exposed to the public. If you want to obtain other people’s private IP addresses, you need to do it inside the LAN, such as using network monitoring tools or through specific network management permissions.