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Are wireless home camera system in your living room and bedroom Really Safe?

   Have you ever noticed that the pictures taken by ordinary security wireless home camera system are often spread on the Internet, not the kind of spy cameras, or ordinary normal wireless home security camera systems, so are the pictures taken by the cameras spread on the  Internet transmitted by the owners of the home? Of course not, if you have a CCTV camera at home, are you willing to put your family’s privacy online? Certainly not.


   When you first bought a camera, especially a webcam, you need to install a camera app on your mobile phone, and then log in to the camera through the app. Generally, there will be a factory CCTV camera default password for logging in to the camera. You successfully log in to the camera through the factory default password, and then you can watch and use it.

How does the wireless home camera system get hacked?

  1. Generally, the quality inspection of the surveillance camera will be carried out before the camera leaves the factory, so most of the cameras will be temporarily logged in to check whether the camera is working normally when they leave the factory, and then their inspection equipment will retain a large number of initial cameras. Record. When you bought the camera back and installed it, the cctv wifi camera default password was not changed. When your camera starts working, the inspection equipment in the factory will directly display the images you monitor. Generally, factories will not use this data to carry out illegal activities, but it is uncertain when it comes to a certain employee of the factory. If very few employees carry out illegal transactions with these private data, our privacy cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, after installing the camera, be sure to change the cctv default password.
    ip camera default password
  2. If you are an important government official or important management of a company, you have a lot of important information, so the other party may spend money to find some professional hackers, and the hackers will start from the network port to invade your webcam. It is very difficult to control. If you are worried about your wireless home security camera systems being hacked, it is better to use an analog camera at home, or a network camera that does not need to be connected to the Internet. As long as the home camera is not connected to the Internet, any advanced hacker will not be able to hack into your home camera system.

How to protect wifi camera from hackers

   If you bought a wireless home security camera, after you have successfully installed it, if the camera APP does not force you to change the initial password, then you have forgotten to change the password or you do not know the importance of changing the password. Then please be sure to change the login password. However, to protect the privacy of customers, some cameras will pop up a dialog box when your initial login is successful, forcing you to change the initial password so that the factory cannot see your monitoring screen. Some cameras are not mandatory, and some customers are not professional, so they don’t know the danger. Therefore, it is emphasized here for the safety of you and your family. You must change the IP camera default password for logging in to the home surveillance camera.

cctv default password

What is the common password for CCTV camera?

   Most home wireless cameras now have an IP camera password reset function. If you forget the password, you can directly press the recovery button to restore the factory-set initial password.

   If the cameras have no reset function, you also forget the Onvif camera default password. Then you need to ask the supplier or you can try to follow these passwords. The usual Chinese home wireless IP camera CCTV default password is admin / 123456 / 12345678 / 123456789 / 0123456789 or empty

wifi camera default password

Where is the reset button on IP camera?

If your camera is equipped with a network cable interface, then its reset interface is at the end of the cable connector.

4K PTZ Camera

   If your webcam is without a cable, then the reset button is usually in a hole, and there is usually the word “reset” next to it, find it. But you need to insert a thin iron needle into it, press it hard, and when you hear the sound of “click”, it proves that the reset is successful.

IP camera password reset

How to tell if your security camera has been hacked?

   You can check the number of device logins through the background of your mobile camera APP. If the number of logins matches yours, it is safe. If the number is significantly more than one, then your wireless home camera system should be hacked.

how to tell if your security camera has been hacked

Are Chinese security wireless home cameras safe?

   The security of the camera is not to say that it depends on which country. For cameras in any country, if there is a problem with the way we use them, or if professional hackers invade your camera through the network in your environment, your camera will not be safe. Therefore, when using a camera, follow the steps I mentioned above, and I believe your wireless home camera system should be considered a medium-level security protection. Maybe the cameras in China are more secure, because there are very few hackers in China, so there is almost no tampering with the cameras.

Wireless Home Camera System Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between wireless and Wi-Fi cameras?

Wireless and Wi-Fi cameras are often used interchangeably, but they are not exactly the same thing.

A wireless camera is a camera that doesn’t need to be connected to a wired network to transmit video signals. Instead, it can connect to other devices and networks using a radio frequency (RF) signal. Wireless cameras use a variety of protocols, including Bluetooth.

Is a wireless camera better than wired one?

The choice between a wireless camera and a wired camera ultimately depends on your specific needs and situation.

Wireless cameras are typically easier to install and can be placed in locations where running wires is difficult or impossible. They also often come with convenient features such as remote viewing and cloud storage. However, wireless cameras can be more vulnerable to interference from other wireless devices in the area, and their performance can be affected by the quality and strength of the wireless signal. They may also require a separate data plan, which can add to the cost.

Wired cameras, on the other hand, typically provide more stable and reliable performance since they use a wired connection for data transmission. They are also generally more secure since they don’t rely on wireless signals that can potentially be intercepted. Wired cameras are often larger and more conspicuous than wireless cameras, but they do not require a separate data plan or battery replacements.

Do security cameras use a lot of Wi-Fi?

Security cameras that use Wi-Fi to transmit video data can consume a fair amount of bandwidth, particularly if they are streaming high-quality video. However, the amount of Wi-Fi usage will depend on a variety of factors, including the specific camera, the video resolution and frame rate, and the amount of activity being recorded.

If you have multiple cameras and other Wi-Fi devices on your network, the combined usage can further strain your network bandwidth. This can cause slowdowns, buffering, or even dropped connections.

To minimize the amount of Wi-Fi usage, you can adjust the camera settings to lower the resolution, frame rate, or other settings that affect the amount of data being transmitted. You can also limit the number of cameras on your network or invest in a Wi-Fi router that can handle the increased bandwidth requirements of multiple cameras.

In addition, you can consider using wired cameras, which don’t rely on Wi-Fi and therefore don’t consume any Wi-Fi bandwidth. Wired cameras may be more difficult to install, but they can provide more stable and reliable performance than Wi-Fi cameras in certain situations.

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